An Occasional Diversion

Hello. As I have nurtured Anticipating Nowhere from its infant beginnings it has grown and developed a personality all of its own, as we hope all our children do.

Whilst AN has a certain vibe I have also released two themed shows under the Anticipating Nowhere banner, AN#3: Under the Influence…….Krautrock and AN#6: SixStringSymphonies.

Whilst I still stand by those two shows (I wouldn’t have put them together if I didn’t like and want to share the music in them) it became clear that I was trying to make AN something that it just quite…..wasn’t. They do stick out, a bit like the proverbial sore thumb; AN#6 especially.

From now on, any shows that don’t quite fit the AN mould can make themselves heard with their own voice, unfettered by constraints they never wanted in the first place. Welcome to An Occasional Diversion – a sibling, and occasional, broadcast to Anticipating Nowhere.

I will not be releasing these shows regularly in the way I do with AN, only when I have something different I want to share with you all. Occasionally I guess.

An Occasional Diversion………yet enjoyable to boot. AOD#1 coming soon.


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