An Occasional Diversion #10: Longform 7.0

Hello and welcome to An Occasional Diversion #10, hot on the heels of yesterday’s AOD#9. Like the old proverbial buses and all that yes! You know the drill for these Longform shows – all tracks 10+ minutes, dedicated listening time essential.

A couple of tracks here were purchased on Bandcamp Friday this 5th June but some are older. I’ve neglected getting them out there what with the fortnightly AN shows and the monthly specials meaning most Mondays are fully booked.

Headphones on, quiet space, you time.

Artist – Track – Release

  1. Alex (assassin of sound) – Tree Man Tree – Tree Man Tree

  2. Chaigidel – 16-4 – Entrails of the Earth

  3. David Colohan – Midsummer Boulevard-Visitations

  4. Shame – White Myth – I Don’t Like You

  5. Amy Cutler – vigil for örö (one month of fieldtrip sounds – radar, bird calls, bunker bell system, ice, rust, swamp) – Örö Tape (Fieldtrips of the Damned)

  6. Fordell Research Unit – A Question Of Re-Entry – The Dead Astronaut

Stay safe, stay well. Please support the artists where and when you can.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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