An Occasional Diversion #15: A trip on the Dark Train (Kate Bosworth Guest Mix)

Holy Cow! Where to begin.

I had always intended the An Occasional Diversion series of mixes to complement Anticipating Nowhere, a similar ethos but enough of a difference to separate the two.

Over time I began to use the AOD series as a way of featuring longer tracks from artists I regularly featured on AN which is not what I had ever intended to be AOD. Calling this series Longform I had turned it into an extension of the Anticipating Nowhere mixes because I cannot bring myself to cut down a track so it could fit into an AN broadcast. If the artist had wanted to write a 4 minute track they would have done so who am I to take their 10+ minutes of beautifully crafted work and cut it down?

I took the decision several months ago to incorporate the Longform series into the weekly AN shows and leave AOD there to fulfil its own destiny, in its own time. That leads us to where we are.

First out of the blocks, setting the standard for AOD shows into the future, I am incredibly pleased and proud to bring you a very special guest mix from Kate Bosworth. Curator, conductor, ticket inspector, cleaner and any other role you can think of on the Dark Train express. Boundless enthusiasm and passion for all the music she plays, respect for the labels and artists making it happen, and Kate's insanely humanistic and natural radio presence ensure every trip is an absolute delight.

Eclectic, fun, twisted, out-there, compelling, engaging and, for me, a whole new set of artists for me to discover - exactly what every great mix should be.

Hop on, the Dark Train is about to depart.

Artist - Track - (Label & year)

  • Philipp Matalla - Caps - (Bango EP 2019)

  • John Laurie - Night Mail (W.H. Auden) - (Anthology of English Verse, Vol. 2) 1961

  • PSY - Gangnam Style - (2012)

  • Terra4beat & Neurofaza - Mitternachtszirkus (Andre Rauer Remix) - 2016

  • Black Acid Kush - Peyote - (Amphetamine Psychosis) 2016

  • Sensient - Galaxians - (Way Of The Sloth) 2013

  • Russ Davies - Gulfs Of Space - (The War Of The Worlds, BBC Soundtrack) 2019

  • Loud - Symbiosis - (5 Billion Stars) 2016

  • Oleta Adams - Rhythm Of Life (Gospella) - (Circle Of One) 1990

  • Old Blind Dogs - Breton/Galician Set - (Play Live) 2005

  • Jan Lundgren Trio - Flowers Of Sendai - (Flowers Of Sendai) 2014

  • Black Futures - Love - (Never Not Nothing) 2019

  • Bestial Mouths - INSHROUDSS feat. Alex Degroot - (INSHROUDSS) 2019

  • Argaman - Don’t Leave Me Alone - (My Little Forest) 2009

Kate, thank you for this incredible mix as well as your continued and valued support of the Anticipating Nowhere Universe.

Please, do check out Kate's shows on Mixcloud and follow her.

Your seat awaits you.

Enjoy the ride.


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