An Occasional Diversion #16: TQN-aut Special

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hello and welcome to An Occasional Diversion #16 and a one-off special focussed exclusively on the excellent TQN-aut label that was birthed from the equally excellent TQ zine.

Here's a note from co-founder Andy Wood:

I ‘met’ Simon through TQ (zine) and TQN-aut (label) and his Anticipating Nowhere broadcasts and he’s now one of my close and important virtual friends.

The principle upon which the label exists is to release sounds by artists that myself and the team feel deserve wider exposure, and it is through like minded folk such as Simon and their attention to what we do, that additional platforms are offered for some amazing sounds.

I’d like to personally thank Simon for the work he does and especially his Anticipating Nowhere and the fact that he is a TQN-aut (and TQ) completist. More power to his elbow, and I for one cannot wait to hear what tracks he’s selected from the label’s catalogue.

The sounds you hear can be purchased at;

Andy (Co-founder of TQN-aut)

On with the show....

Artist – Title – Release

  • St James Infirmary - Eleanor Glitch the 4.33rd - Tone Quanta

  • Chow Mwng – Inuktun - Nunavik EP

  • Alan Morse Davies - Hong Kong AM2 - Junk Shop Radio

  • Whalt Thisney – Stardust - EARTHIS

  • Mudguts - Bar Dark - Covering The Covers


  • Richard Sanderson - Zeta Potential - Covering The Covers

  • Warped Freqs - Condense wires - Interweave 18-19

  • Sweet Benfica - Every Colour of the Dark - Every Colour of the Dark

  • Firas Khnaisser & Jack Weir - Only The Wretched Can Pass - We Don't Need Other Worlds, We Need Mirrors

  • Matt Atkins - Ethnographic Dream - The Shelter Object

  • Tapes & Tubes - acoustic guitar - sugarbushey

  • Reynols Elanio – Masiano - Home Tapes Vol 1

  • Steven Ball – Polylingual - Abstract Vectoral Landscapes

  • Darren j Holloway - To Save a Drowning Horse - Salt Heart

  • The Wyndham Research Institute - Article IV - Articles I-IV

  • D^MSELFLY - Blue Mourning Suit - The Yeoman's Tears

  • Greg Nieuwsma - Morocco 2015 - Travel Log Radio

  • Pettaluck – Chlorophyll - S.T.E.M.

  • See Monsd - bing bong - Tone Quanta

  • Gary Wilkinson - WIND FARMS-Sinfonietta - Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

  • Ian Joyce - Returned To The Aethyr Part 2 - If We Believe In Nothing

  • C u r s u s – Peril - C u r s u s

  • Joined by Wire - Summer Fete Dropout - Tone Quanta

  • Stuart Chalmers - Instinct 2 - The Heart of Instinct

  • Paul May & Matt Atkins - Washes and Clicks - New Ends

  • Ash Cooke - Credo Dim Byd - Controlled Ambiguity - An Introduction to Ash Cooke

  • Red Team – 2 - Red Team

  • Posset - rubber whiskey decisions - another forever tomorrow

  • Carnivorous Plants - Plastic Smoke - Colloquial Embers

  • Drooping Finger – Ambulatory - Ventricles

Please do check out the label and any and all of the artists and give them any support you can. Andy and the team make no money from this label whatsover, every penny either goes to the artist or into the running of the label and, as some old advert used to tell us, every penny counts.

Enjoy and please stay safe.



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