An Occasional Diversion #7: Longform 4.0

Hello, it’s time for another Longform show where I feature longer tracks, too often neglected or cut down to fit into regular shows. All tracks featured on these shows are 10+ minutes so these Longform shows are the perfect excuse to lose yourself in deep listening for at least an hour.

Headphones on, quiet space, you time. Enjoy

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Graham Dunning – The Bulging, Rust-eaten Plates That Kept Back The Ocean – Recompiled 2010 – 2011

  2. Fordell Research Unit – For Jenny – For Jenny

  3. Nadja – Flowers of Flesh (Acoustic Version) – Stripped

  4. Craven Faults – Vacca Wall – Erratics & Unconformities

  5. HLER – PSR J1907+06 – LGM-1

Stay safe, stay well. Please support the artists where and when you can.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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