An Occasional Diversion #8: Longform 5.0

Hello and welcome to An Occasional Diversion #8 and another excursion into the lengthier tracks I have been listening to of late. In these Longform shows all tracks featured are 10+ minutes so they are the perfect excuse to lose yourself in deep listening for at least an hour.

Disclaimer: I have broken my unbreakable rule… track in this show comes in at under 10 minutes but it was just TOO good to exclude. I hope you can forgive me ;op

Headphones on, quiet space, you time. Enjoy Longform 5.0.

Artist – Track – Release

  1. Eagle Claw Ghost – Date Palm Sap Cyclo – A bit like Hillage

  2. a.B.i. – Day 31, We’re Not Leaving – Heal The People, Heal The Land

  3. Two Hands – One Engine – Young Lungs – The Mind Wanders

  4. Zarabatana – Olho da centopeia – CUM RAIO

  5. Gidouille – うなぎの生涯 (An Eel’s Life) – 大規模な感覚過負荷 (massive sensory overload)

Stay safe, stay well. Please support the artists where and when you can.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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