An Occasional Diversion #9: Longform 6.0

Hello and welcome to An Occasional Diversion #9 and another excursion into the lengthier tracks I have been listening to. All tracks featured on this show were purchased on Bandcamp Friday this 5th June so go check them out.

Headphones on, quiet space, you time.

Artist – Track – Release

  1. Morher/The Doll – B02 Miff Puppy Villa – Trium Circulorum – TC5.006 – Sonic Trade

  2. Megaheadphoneboy – M3D209-1 DTNGL 1LLN77 – Disengage Meditations 3

  3. Sforza Gramsci – A (Philokalia) – The Recluse Tape

  4. Eva Kierten – Vardyvle – Vardyger

  5. Zebularin – therme – Strangled Curiosity

  6. caroline mckenzie – a thousand butterflies – a thousand butterflies

Stay safe, stay well. Please support the artists where and when you can.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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