Anticipating Mahon

Hello, and welcome to a very special show – Anticipating Mahon.

It is a genuine privilege and honour to hand over the reins for this edition of Anticipating Nowhere to Kieran Mahon. An exclusive 60 minute show curated, and for half it, performed and mixed live by Kieran.

In his own words:

I suggested doing a live session for Anticipating Nowhere to Simon back in May and was blown away by his generosity in offering me a whole 60 minutes of time. Anticipating Nowhere champions people making heartfelt, out-there sounds and music. The social media led community that many of us exist in is incredibly supportive. As a big part of this, Simon always manages to put together shows that explore his own, original take on things and they are guaranteed to open your ears. Every episode is a belter. I hope that what I have put together here is a worthy addition to the catalogue. The 60 minutes have been structured with a beginning, a middle and an end. I start with some music that consistently inspires me. Then there is a live set entitled “Solstice” that was recorded in one take on the evening of June 20th. It is a deeply repetitious set, the kind that I am working on the courage to actually play live to room full of people when the opportunity next arises. Then there is a closing selection of music which was chosen and recorded spontaneously, simply what came to mind at the time. Thanks for listening! Kieran Mahon – June 2020


Artist Track – Starting Time

  1. Michael O’SheaNo Journeys End (excerpt) 0.10

  2. Nick EllisThe Grand Illusion 3.09

  3. Mad ProfessorBeyond the Realms of Dub 7.56

  4. Laurie SpiegelAppalachian Grove I (excerpt) 12.05

  5. Kieran MahonSolstice (live) 15.37

  6. Alice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda 42.38

  7. Burning SpearWorkshop 49.02

  8. Jim WhiteStill Waters 53.22

Please enjoy thoroughly and when you’re done enjoying (as many times as necessary and more) head over to Bandcamp to give him your support and where you can purchase his entire discography for £1.10.

Yes. £1.10 for 39 releases!

It’s an absolute no-brainer and if you can and do want to then please support him with more.

Kieran, it’s an absolute pleasure and an outstanding mix most definitely worthy of a place in the AN catalogue and archives! Thank you so much.

To you all:

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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