Anticipating Nowhere #10

Anticipating Nowhere reaches double figures! AN#10 is a little slow coming to you as I actually took a holiday in Devon with the family – I thought about scheduling this in to go live whilst I was away but my need for control meant it had to wait!

Before I started Anticipating Nowhere I wasn’t sure how I would get on putting the shows together and how they would be received. So, in response to questions never asked:

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating these shows; I have rediscovered and fallen in love again with music I already owned and found new and exciting artists as well as making new friends.

  2. I am not reaching hundreds of listeners, less than half that in fact, but those that are listening seem to enjoy what I am doing and the feedback I’ve had has been positive.

Thank you to all who listen, respond, tweet, share etc. It means a lot to me.

So what do we have in store for you today?

We kick off with a slice of bucolic, electronic loveliness from lilien rosarian. Her debut album, a day in bel bruit, is built around the concept of “spending a day alone in an abandoned village where a satellite dish has been haphazardly built upon the bell tower and radio sounds now replace those of the residents.” It is a fantastic debut.

Following this we have a glorious piece of electronic krautrock from Kosmische Laufer (I believe this translates as Cosmic Runner) and a couple of darker electronic tunes courtesy of Psychic Pollution and Ecstatic Cosmic Union, both of whom have appeared on earlier AN shows.

Concretism almost out-Boards of Canada the BoC boys themselves on this delicious track from his album For Concrete and Country.

The prolific and wonderful Alan Morse Davies comes next. He has released several albums this year, solo and in collaboration. This track, Joy, is taken from his album Hymns. Reimagined and reworked 78rpms. A crackling, beautiful, nostalgic trip for sure.

Karen Gwyer‘s track, inspired and influenced by the wonderful British electronic innovator, FC Judd, from a compilation album entitled, Interpretations on FC Judd, is a glorious piece of electronics and hypnotic drums.

CC bring us shortwave sounds from the ether before Graeme Hopper, aka Chlorine, introduces himself with a twisted fanfare that segues into a gorgeous, swelling, ride across the Sea of Tranquility. His latest album, Gallooner, released on the fab Crow versus Crow label is something truly wonderful.

This leads us nicely in Juan Antonio Nieto‘s musique concrete album Dry Grass from which I have chosen Run for Life. One of the joys and frustrations of making these shows is having to choose just one song from an album and this, as with all the others, was a tough call.

To bring the show to an end I would like you all to share in a huge helping of Ozone Antifreeze Intelligence from the delicious Plasma Splice Trifle…a tasty dessert created by master-chefs Neil Campbell, Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker in the guise of Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra. Dig in and enjoy and come back for as many helpings as you would like.


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