Anticipating Nowhere #11

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #11

Misophonia records have issued 7 releases to date and each one is unique but no less brilliant for it. I’ve played tracks from this label before and will be playing others on upcoming episodes for sure. I start this show with Into the Red Line by Life Education, taken from their recent album Pilgrims of the Infinite. A mystical, floating, track with ghostly voices occasionally drifting in and a simple, but ace, synth motif.

I played a Chlorine track from his latest album, Gallooner, in AN#10. Here’s another for you – just because the album is so good. A beautiful tune that moves into wonkier and woozier territory as it gets drunk on its own loveliness. Or maybe, as many of us can relate, the track drifts from a state of comfort to unexplained anxiety and the sounds we hear as the track continues reflect that subtle drift of our mental state into fear and panic?

To blast us back into the now the hugely talented Michael Bonaventure takes us into space with Galactic Weed from his new album on Eighth Tower Records, In Tenebris Ratione Organi. Thrusters blast and we are then in orbit. An album inspired by the organ – as the liner notes state ” The organ: in popular association, both the ‘God Instrument’ and the ‘Devil Instrument’, a purveyor of myriad densities and shades of massed tone, elemental fire and inexhaustible air, capable of inspiring wonder, awe, profound mystery and sinister darkness”.

Modular synthy goodness follows. This track is taken from a compilation on the DiN sub-label, Tone Science, from the great Ian Boddy. Frieze Relief by Chris Carter hits the muddy, bouncy, mind-soothing squiggliness I love.

From squidgy synths to gorgeous piano and violin courtesy of Agathe Max & Natalia Beylis from their stunning album The Garden of Paradise on Fort Evil Fruit. This title of this particular track, They Danced with Shawls Which Were Woven of Mist and Moonshine, is as beautiful as the music itself. The album has 5 tracks, the title one almost 2/3rds the length of the whole album, split over the two sides of the limited release cassette. Each and every note a delight throughout.

Heading back into spacey territory (we have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landings after all) we have a trio of out-there tracks from black_ops, Spectral Bazaar and Accidental Tones. 3 different artists, 3 unique takes but all equally great. Dark ambient noises, fairground sounds and slowed, creepy voices in one; a space walk of deep cello and haunting strings, galactic rumbles and electronic space chatter in another; glitchiness, alien voices and general cosmic disturbance in the other.

Daniele Bogon got in touch to bring his album, 17 Encores, to my attention, an extended release of the original, 17 album. Many great tracks to choose from but this one fits perfectly with the deep, space-like vibe of a lot of this show.

Next we have Legowelt in the guise of Star Shepherd: “Enter the STAR SHEPHERD a synth I build/bent/hacked/modified from old guitar pedals, FX and EQ boxes, a small AM radio and a 1981 Casio 403 keyboard……..” A short trip begins with a slightly psychedelic, sitar-y sound before a distant female voice leads us away.

Ah. Goat-Legged Country-God. Noise as a means of meditation for me. Dense, powerful, and dark at times but utterly compelling. Noise in which to lose yourself, to bathe in. Noise is soothing for me, blanketing me in a world of peace and relaxation.

As suddenly as that track stops we finish the show with Keiran Mahon’s Wait from his recently released and wonderful album, Ghost. After the harsh noise of GLCG Keiran gently eases us into a restful, peaceful state where there is nothing but calmness, electronic crackles and energy emenating gently from your brain into the glorious universe.

Please support the artists where you can, all links below.

Thanks for reading and listening friends. See you for AN#12.



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