Anticipating Nowhere #12

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #12.

Maybe it is the changing of the seasons; or being made redundant; or having two wisdom teeth removed that are taking an age to heal and giving me constant headaches; or the fact that the bastard black dog of depression has been freed from his leash to be a constant, troublesome and unwanted companion these last few months.

Maybe it is all those combined. Either way, the more I listen to this show the more subdued and darker it feels than usual AN shows. However, it represents a part of me, where I am now in this journey through life. I still love this latest show, and love life, and I hope you do too. Creating these shows is an essential part of my well-being and I’ve said it for a very long time, Music is my Medicine *^*

This show takes in:

  1. Dark ambient drones from Qype Dikr, a gorgeous, crackling, haunting piece to start the show.

  2. Recorded sound and structures made with recorded sound‘ from Robert Worby, one of the first batch of 3 releases on the great new Persistence of Sound label. ‘This LP focuses on recorded sound and structures made with recorded sound. How the original sound was produced and the objects used in the production of the sounds is of secondary interest. Tiny details in the sounds are important and what might appear to be insignificant, dull or uneventful is often salient. Acute, obsessive listening brings these elements to the fore.’ I’m really looking forward to hearing what comes next from this exciting new label – you can hear a track from another of these first 3 releases later in the show.

  3. Throat singing, drone-ing from Ashtoreth; this was released on Eighth Tower Records as part of the sublime Drone Islands – Land Rising compilation.

  4. Tribalist drums and crackling hums from Babalith, worshipping The Idol of Time.

  5. Swirling, hypnotic, ambient goodness from Jasmine Guffond that lulls you in, begging surrender to its mesmeric charms. I do as requested. Without resistance.

  6. Dark, abrasive, anxious, chemical sounds of hospital machinery and deserted corridors from Pink Midnight. Their debut album R-DA-Epoch released on Misophonia. Pink Midnight is Lee Wade from Mildred Maude and Seamus Constance from Fire Island Pines. “This album represents my mental state whilst being in hospital with Lymphoma. The internal battle of mind and body mixed with the external noises that surrounded me” – Lee

  7. Field recordings from Allhallows Marshes at night by The London Sound Survey. Here juxtaposing a moment of lightness and tranquillity, acting as a counterpoint to the trauma of hospitalisation and invasive treatment we heard before. A moment of recovery and reflection. This is the second track on tonight’s show from the new Persistence of Sound label.

  8. Wooziness; that word returns from my last blog to perfectly describe this gorgeous Black Robert track from his latest release, Alliance. It missed out on being included in AN#9, the Muteant Sounds special, as the album came through after I had put that show together. Feel your heart rate and blood pressure drop as time slows and you start to melt.

  9. Slow, ambient, drifting, beauty from Anna Peaker from the compilation An Untitled Longing ‘a compilation of music from some of the most talented artists operating in or connected to the North and is the first outing for Leftovers acting as a label’.

  10. Abrasive, electronic glitchiness from FVNGVM, returning after first appearing in the AN#9 Muteant Sounds special and taken from their debut album [ æronmïcron ] ; The storm in my mind after the calm, a reminder than anxiety is never away, just hiding, waiting to pounce.

  11. Medidative guitar from Jeremy Stokes to soothe the soul and remind us that amidst all the noise, stresses and demands we need to look out for ourselves and each other. To remind ourselves that no matter what is going on in our lives beauty is out there, we need to take time to appreciate it.

This gentle come down is a timely reminder; if we can’t be kind to ourselves we can’t truly be kind to others.

As always, thank you for listening. Please support the artists (links below) and please contact me if you have any tracks you would like to submit to the show or want to get in touch.

AN#13 is going to be a guest mix special – Lee Pylon from Kites & Pylons will be taking over 🙂 It’s going to be great.

Peace: Respect: Compassion

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