Anticipating Nowhere #14

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #14

Today’s show is bookended by tracks submitted to me by artists on Facebook; starting things off we have DüllHaus with a slice of delightfully catchy, 80’s style synth-goth. Welcome to the show guys (please see their bio at the end of this piece).

The kisses planted after their long night of Delirium lull us to sleep and Simon Proffitt, in the guise of Cahn Ingold Prelog, takes us into the world of dreams. Drones slowly ebb before we are transported into the buzzing control room of our mind at sleep; computers whirr and click-clack as they process the memories of our day, leading us down mental corridors as we smash through the barriers of our subconscious and on to the next phase of our nocturnal voyage.

Kieran Mahon takes these mental printouts and gives them voice; a woman’s repetition of the frequency, underpinned by static noise, urges us to tune in so we can make sense of it all. Confusion balanced by the underlying, warming drone and hum, keeps us drifting along peacefully until we are elevated into the pure bliss of innocent sleep by Polypores. This track, Sky Man, from his wonderful album, Flora, raises us high into the sunlit sky of organic, wholesome, pure oneness with the universe.

From here Binaural Space takes over, keeping us aloft with the gorgeous synth pads, drones & arpeggios of Remember the Way from his album Encounters. But wait: from such tender, comforting sleep The Night Monitor soundtracks a darker, more foreboding place in our dreams. Our heart beating as spooky sci-fi synths give a sense of foreboding before Matt Atkins takes us back into the random cut-up thoughts, the stored memories and experiences, that are the source material for our dreams. Found sounds, everyday objects and other noises take us through the inner corridors of our mind as we drift toward the final stages of the night. The static hum and distant echoes of Grey Frequency hint at the oncoming dawn, all slightly surreal – that strange world of thought, feeling and sound we experience between sleep and wakefulness.

Alas, these dreams can’t last forever; Surface of the Earth take our hand for the final stage of our night; the beautiful rumbling, hypnotic drones, less surreal and distant, take on a more direct, present feeling. As the sun rises over the surface of the earth, we’re off.

Footsteps as we head from the house, guided by the sounds of Ivy Nostrum (released on the ace Invisible City Records). The world with all its energy seemingly too much for us as we stumble, still half-asleep, uncertain of what they day will bring. Echoes of the beginning of our dream causing that sense of unease when the memories of our sleeping world haven’t quite cleared your head – knowing those things didn’t really happen yet still holding sway over some of your thoughts and feelings.

Finally we ‘wake’, we come to terms with the day. A sense of calm fills us. We are here, ready to take the day as it comes, without fear. Surya Kris Peters, on the ever-wonderful Misophonia Records, provides this assurance. Feeding our soul, refreshing our mind and guiding us to a place where we feel alive, ecstatic, and at peace with ourselves. Dark clouds and strong winds, Pink Smoke Rises over Telephone Wires by Tremolo Ghosts, do nothing to dampen our spirits – we ride easily through this short storm; unperturbed, resilient.

After the storm, the calm. Closing things off we have Nefelibata from Oregon. This beautiful track, Forcoming the Closure, eases us gently to the end of another show.

Thank you all for listening/reading; if you are an artist and think you fit well into the show please do drop me a mail at and I’ll be really pleased to listen/chat with you.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


As always, links to the artists are at the end of the blog – if you like what you hear and can afford to support the artists please do so. Many of these artists offer ‘pay what you want’ for digital releases so every penny you can spare goes to them.’re DüllHaus, an Industrial/Gothic Electronica duo from Los Angeles, California formed in 2017 by brothers James and Quinn Clearwater. DüllHaus uses mind bending and dark analog synthesizers alongside huge, pulsating drum machines all wrapped around vocalist/programmer James’ howling voice and haunting lyrics, all working in unison to create a sexy and provocative soundscape that will transport any listener into the dark. In 2019, DüllHaus Partnered with Phage Tapes, Minneapolis based Industrial label, to release their debut record ‘Love Is Violence’. ‘ project that enters your mind, and leaves you wanting more of the deep wondering inside. Headphones Work Best. Its the inner daydreamer in us all that use it to get away for awhile.’

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