Anticipating Nowhere #16

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #16.

The last few shows have seen me drift into deeper, more dense sounds and a bit of a story-led blog. This is one of quirks of having a mental illness; there are times it controls me far more than I am able to control it and, seeing as this is a harmless outlet for my thoughts and words, I went with the flow.

I was out of work for 8 weeks this summer so did plenty of listening, and thinking. I am back in gainful employment now which brings its own new challenges, especially making time for myself to put these shows together along with this blog. The usual demons that accompany me into any job reared their ugly heads and tried to scupper this show. A supportive family and kind and encouraging words on Twitter helped me pull through – I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do; the selection may reflect a more peaceful state of mind!

We start with the glorious sounds of JMO taken from a CD given away with October’s edition of The Wire; Interactions: A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music. The artists and the label were all new to me and there is an eclectic mix of synths, electronics, musique-concrete and noise. Brilliant stuff. This track is a gorgeous mix of soft, booming bass, ethereal voices and buzzing drone gets us off to a perfect start.

CLOAK + CLOACA is a collaboration between 3 friends (find them on Twitter; @G_R_M_M_S_K ( GRMMSK /// TOTSTELLEN /// COLDSORE /// TOTES FORMAT), @ForestofDark (Wizards Tell Lies) and @19f3_records (KEK-W)); more gorgeous drones, buzzing electricity and sounds that suck you in; leading you into the realms of internal contemplation and away from the hustle, bustle and distractions of daily life.

J.G. Sparkes comes to us from the Wormhole World label which is releasing a steady stream of wonderfully diverse music and artists at an incredibly pocket friendy price. I love this release and this track just won out over the rest on the album – a slow build of electronics and textured guitar that gently rises and ebbs away. Just beautiful.

cacero lazo contacted me via email-through and sent me their latest album which was released on Friday, 18th October (see Bandcamp link below) on Submarine Broadcasting Company. More splendidly tender tones, subtle drones and beautiful sounds to tickle the tendrils of your brain. A pleasure to include you on my show.

From here we take slight upturn in pace, but not much! I played an excerpt from Sawak‘s latest release, Renunciant, on the last show, AN#15. The whole album is a fantastic, non-stop, 40+ minute trip so I would have struggled to find the right sections to pull out. Greg from the band kindly did this for me and sent me two excerpts, you heard one last time around and here is the 2nd; treated sounds – sitar, guitar, piano and glitchy goodness. Thanks again Greg.

Aidan Baker is another artist I was not aware of until he contacted me. He sent me two versions of his album The Forever Tapes; a ‘standard’ version and an ‘ambient’ version. Both takes are unique and both are an absolute delight. The track on this show is taken from the ‘standard’ version and is a rolling tune, led by a gentle beat, with underlying drones and picked, singing, guitar lines………

…….Fragmentary Beings fade into the sounds of the sea on the shore. Paula Garcia Stone appears courtesy of yet another label in which I can find no fault, Linear Obsessional. Paula is a visual and sound artist – this is either her first ever recorded release or her first for Linear Obsessional, I can’t be 100% certain. Either way the whole album is fantastic journey through field recordings and physical sound. Richard has put a stop to any more submissions to the label for now so he can focus on catching up on the backlog to date (which could still take him a whole year!). He has said this may also mean an end to releases after this – let’s all selfishly hope that turns out to be a temporary intermission (sorry Richard!)

I am not even sure how I came across Marja Ahti but this release, Vegetal Negatives, (on the Hallow Ground label which I first learned of via the fantastic Kali Malone release, Cast of Mind earlier this year) is a captivating journey through sound and everyday objects. Apparently this release is a diversion from Marja’s previous ways of composing and creating. If you are interested to learn a little more about this album you can read a short interview with her in the small, but more than perfectly formed, Soundest Zine produced by Ava Grayson. Be warned, copies of each edition of this zine are very limited.

//mKnoise is an Austrian artist, Marco Kultus, who has released an excellent catalogue of ‘musique non concrète. Experiments on electronic tunes’. This track is taken from his recent release, a 5-track E.P. called The Quarrel of Brothers. 5-tracks, 31+ minutes all for the price of……whatever you want to pay. Another track in which to lose yourself, allowing the music to take you wherever you need to go. Deep, deep drones of pleasure. Synapses firing, body melting, light pulsing through your veins……

Kieron Mahon is a master of ‘drones, loops and echoes’. I have only scratched the surface of his full Bandcamp collection but each album requires repeated listening so this will take some, hugely enjoyable, time. More Light takes us on a psychedelic journey of mind-expansion, floating like ripples on the surface of a lake, until we find ourselves at one with the water.

I Heart Noise have released some cracking compilations (well, cracking releases in general) and it is always hard choosing a track from a specific release when they are all so good. Walt Thisney wins out this time with a beautifully haunting piece; piano sustained, echoed; electric zaps & squelches taken from the Summer 2019 collection.

The Bandcamp page for the next artists quite perfectly states: Swine are a Somerset based group of sound makers and improvisers. They create debris strewn wetlands of sound and conjure sonic deliriums using a wide variety of sound sources including Michael Fairfax’s sound sculptures, electronica from dystopian drum and bass producer Jon Cooke, combined with Tim Hill’s layers of treated saxes. The result is an organic, improvised sound world of tides, swirls, swamps. of geologies of noise blurring inner and outer landscapes.‘ That should be more than enough to drag you in, factor in the fact it is released on MuteAnt Sounds and you know you can’t go wrong.

Hainbach was a new discovery for me so I am slowly getting acquainted with his back catalogue. I did however opt for something recent for the show; a track from Gestures which was released in early September this year. ….‘is an album of disappearing and acceptance. The sense of loss is lifted by interweaving piano phrases, harmonized by fragile oscillators. Gentle movements above radio antennas guided the recording process, adding an incorporeal, dreamlike feel.’ Ah yeah!

And so we come to the end of another show. I leave you with the sounds of Drooping Finger, from the current release, Bleak Encouter. I played a track from a previous Drooping Finger release on AN#5 but I will confess to knowing nothing other than whatever sounds this artists makes transport me to another realm. Dark, dense, all enveloping and absolute heaven to my ears – and every release on the Bandcamp page is free/NYP – do it! This was released on Soundtracking the Void which has just celebrated its first birthday so congrats and Happy Birthday StV.

As always, my deepest gratitude for reading, listening, sending your music, communicating on Twitter etc. and – if you like anything on the show please show your support with a purchase here and there on Bandcamp. Links to artists/albums featured on this show are below the tracklist.

Sections in this blog in ‘quotes and italics’ are taken from the respective Bandcamp pages.

Peace : Respect : Compassion

Simon (Aidan Baker)

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