Anticipating Nowhere #17

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #17.

Starting this show is a track from Black Robert, an artist I first encountered when putting together AN#9, the Muteant Sounds special. A wonderful human being with a knack for delightful, uplifting and ultimately refreshing music. This track is a genuine pleasure from beginning to end and is taken from his new album which will be released in January 2020 on the Wormhole World label.

Following this we have Elizabeth Joan Kelly from New Orleans with a track from her new release ‘Farewell, Doomed Planet‘; a musical trip exploring the destruction we have wrought on our planet and a journey away from this mess. Or in Elizabeth’s words ‘Farewell, Doomed Planet! is about the apocalypse. And Chernobyl wolves. Pollution. And space travel. Existential dread. And whales.‘ This track reminds me, in equal measure, of lamenting what we are leaving behind but also hope that this isn’t really the end – Elizabeth’s voice taking us on this journey accompanied by the sounds of the vast cosmos. As her voice floats off into space and we drift into the tranquil sounds of La French; bubbling bass, keys and guitar – gorgeous, floating, like atoms of the essence of life rippling throught the universe. A perfect way to remind ourselves that all is, for now, not too bleak.

From here, as is my wont, we begin to venture into slightly darker territory, starting with Aidan Baker (featured on the previous AN show #16). Another track from his album The Forever Tapes albeit from the ambient version this time. A clanging train ride in the dark of night, through rolling hills with only the moon and stars to light the way.

Things take a much darker turn with ANCO as we hear a recording of Jim Jones from when he led 900+ members of his People’s Temple to commit suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978. Our journey continues but now the night is truly dark; the land around us bleak, desolate. A suitably pulsing, menacing blast of rhythmic noise drives us on, the on-going recording buried underneath, occasional snippets sneaking their way through. Waves washing over you, transfixed yet horrified by the events that led to, and followed these recordings.

The next two tracks come from different artists on the Trepanation Recordings label sent to me by Dan. First up we have a slice of dark synth from Fjaeldmark, taken from a split release between Fjaeldmark and Wintarslāf. Fjaeldmark is an artist living in Berlin and this track fits the mood perfectly; a doomy, funereal march to follow the tragic events from the track before. The press release states “The split collectively references loneliness, isolation, winter, desolation. The stark whiteness is like walking through an empty field during heavy snowfall. The tree is something we hold onto. It’s life, hope, shelter. Wisdom and surety. I want to hug the shit out of that twig.”

The subtle, slow melodies lead us into a forest of darkness where Catafalque (another split release, this time with Clawing) take us by the hand, lay us on a bed of moss, close our eyes and let the night envelope us. Absolutely beautiful, heavy guitar drones and tones – an earthy embrace; a connection with nature, lost to the world outside. 9+ minutes, it could go on for hours and I’d still be happy.

“Catafalque are an experimental metal duo, taking influence from across the entire musical spectrum. Their debut album ‘Catafalque’ combined elements of harsh noise, fuzz laden drone and doom metal with a dousing of industrial to create what has aptly been described as a ‘hypnotically horrible’ release. With ‘Memento Mori’ they have shown a more restrained side to their craft, creating 3 brand new works that befit the company that they are in. Mixing sounds of guitar, strings, synths, organ and even double bass, they have drastically expanded on their sonic arsenal.”

As the previous track crackles and fades we welcome Megaheadphoneboy with Lostyphone; crunchy synths and deep bass rattle the brains – a mildy discombobulating moment of sudden wakefulness from our forest repose into the real world…..then, behind the trees, the sun rises, dewdrops sparkle and DALHAM warms our hearts with warm synth pads and arpeggios.

The sun beats down, getting hotter and hotter; the haze blurs our vision. We are transformed into an ancient beast, looking down over a scorching desert – powerful & majestic. Journey to Ixtlan – tribalistic chants and droning synth fills the sky, calling all around to worship at the Pyramid of Light!

Caulbearer has released an album of two halves on Peacock Window Recordings, called Diseased Imaginings LW112. The first half sees them collaborating with some cracking artists in the dark ambient, noise, and drone fields; the second features the original recordings. I’ve chosen a track from the first half, a collaboration with Black Mountain Transmitter. Confusion surrounds us as the heavy stomp of huge machinery powers away in the background. Sparks fly and electricity pulses and crackles through the air. Stunning. Dark. Immensely powerful. Downright brilliant.

The penultimate track is from Kryptogen Rundfunk, a Russian artist I have only just discovered and what a fantastic discovery this was. Taken from the excellent album, Tales from the Mirrored Spaces, here we have the slow, metronomic pulse of the bass, the sound of shortwave radio, distorted synths, harsh noise sounding like a blowing gale caught on a poor quality mic. Seriously, this is one cracking album and a hugely recommended listen from me.

Finally, to bring a sense of serenity and to finish the show on a peaceful note, we have the sounds of Bluetech. ‘Multitracked sequencers in long takes at different clock speeds to get a fractal layer of shifting melodies evolving at different rates with Strymon modulation at different times for complexity.’ This track is taken from the second Tone Science compilation from the DiN stable of Ian Boddy. Tone Science 3 has only recently been released and, personally, I think each release gets better and better

Thank you for listening/reading – please do support the featured artists and lables where you can, links to each below the tracklist.

As always – Peace : Respect : Compassion


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