Anticipating Nowhere #19

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #19. I have fallen a wee bit behind on the fortnightly shows on my own channel but Lee Pylon of the wonderful Kites & Pylons show, who you may or may not remember curated a guest mix for me back in AN#13, presented the show I put together for him last week….it was uploaded to Mixcloud this Sunday just gone, 8th December.

As things stand it feels like a long time since I sat down to write and it is strange how quickly you can lose the flow; words are harder to come by and it starts to feel less ‘natural’ if that makes sense? I guess it is like anything, the more you do it the more it becomes second nature. Checking back my last blog was a very personal one and was 3 weeks ago! Tempus fugit etc.

Musings over, on we move.

The show begins with the gorgeous electronics of Budapest’s kosssava; pulsating sounds, repeating siren calls, bleeps, blips and all things wonderful. We follow this with tujuh kuda ‘a London-based womxn experimental duo (DK & The Doll) creating noisy ambient transmissions. They are often found having noise picnics in public parks with an Uzbek dutar, a recorder, a T-Pain mic, mini amps, contact mics & various bits of detritus‘ Sounds as wonderful as their description and I’m hoping next year to stumble across one of those picnics! The Doll has her own monthly Mixcloud show every month as Corporal Tofulung – it’s an absolute treat so do check it out.

Staying with the found sounds/improv/musique concrete theme we move to James Wyness, a compositional sound art performer from Scotland. James has created some magnificent work that is rather too long for this show. However, at just under 8 minutes this track works just fine: bells, wooden chimes, other sounds and drones all blend to make a mesmerising piece of work – if this isn’t quite the sound he is after I can’t say I feel sorry for him. It’s great!

deaf at sea were new to me and this track. Wow. Stunning drones; mesmeric, organic, plaintive – hit you in the heart; waves of warm, beautiful sound wash over and through you (water analogy purely accidental here). The last time a piece of music hit me like this was when listening to the 30+ minutes closing track on Fordell Research Unit’s Perichoresis released on the ever brilliant Invisible City Records at the beginning of November. It moved me to tears.

Polypores follows with a track from 2015’s A Shunned Place; a haunting, yet typically melodic, blend of analogue synths, bird sound and either a wooden block being scraped or someone groaning in muted pain. Ace! From here I am very pleased to welcome Fran Dominguez, aka. Forest Robots to the show – Fran got in touch a while back and I have not included his music before as I have been slow to keep on top of the submissions I have received recently* Fran says ‘Forest Robots™ is a love letter to my daughter about the wonders of nature. It’s a collection of photos & music written to accompany them’. Beautiful.

Fran lightens things a little with delicate, floating beats and arpeggio’d melodies; a real spirit-lifter of a track, taking you by the hand and skipping with you through piles of winter leaves strewn along the path……..until we stop skipping and head for the warmth of the indoors as the titular clouds rear their heads and unleash the storm.

Haarvöl however lead us back into the rain under cover of night; raindrops fall, generators hum, machines clank in the background and someone, somewhere, taps out a message in the hope of being found.

Kraftwerk next. What can I say about these guys that hasn’t already been said? Rather than choosing one of their more well known tracks I wanted to play something from their first incarnation, this track taken from Kraftwerk 2, when the group consisted of just Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. Starting out with bursts of guitar we soon hit a more considered stride. Plucked guitar and bass, flute and subtle synths accompany. Kraftwerk before Die Roboter came alive.

To be honest I don’t remember how I came across Ghost-Hello, a self-described ‘synthed-up stoner rick trio from Akron, Ohio’ . Strung out, fuzzy guitar lines drift through the ether on a slow drift along a misty river at dawn that takes a rocky turn through unexpected rapids before leading us on to safety.

Taking us to the end of the show we have two final tracks; the first comes courtesy of James @ Panurus Productions who got in touch after the kindly Rob Hayler pointed him in my general direction. Lush, warm, bubbling synth melodies from Avon MeanTime, her debut release and what a brilliant way to enter the fray.

To finish we have have the absolutely, achingly, beautiful Michael Bundt with la chasse aux microbes – a track that, every time I hear it, floors me completely, rendering me almost incapable of anything but being flooded by intense emotion. Seriously, this connects with me at an incredibly deep, molecular level. I become this track. With that, I’ll sign off and go and lie down somewhere.

As always, please enjoy the show and support the artists and labels as and when you can.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


* if you have submitted something in the last couple of months I apologise for not responding just yet – your time and music are appreciated and I will be in touch!

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