Anticipating Nowhere #20

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #20.

When I put my first show together in January of this year I never imagined I would have published 25 different shows by the end of the year! There have been ups and downs but the over-riding feelings are of joy, happiness and the buzz of receiving and listening to music new and old as I pull these shows together.

As a festive treat I will be publishing one or two of my other shows, An Occasional Diversion, and I may even fit in AN#21 before the year is done. Well, it is the season of giving is it not?

Before I crack on I want to thank all the artists, labels, bloggers, creators, supporters etc. who have sent me music, shared my creations and just been generally awesome people. As well as links to the releases featured in this show (found at the bottom of this blog) I am also providing links throughout to the labels themselves – please do check them out and support them whenever you can.

In this show we take in:

Gorgeous violins and piano from DMLLL released on Verses Records. Children’s Game in a Bomb Crater’ was composed for the children in Aleppo‘. Thanks for sharing your releases with me, a real pleasure to listen to and then share on these shows.

The fantastic drones and sounds of Cody Drasser, aka Caulbearer on Peacock Window Recordings. Thanks for getting in touch Cody, hope to hear again from you in the new year.

Experimental sounds from ‘Old tapes recorded on an analogue 4-track Tascam Portastudio during 1997-1999 using random detritus‘ courtesy of Detritus Plates (Sefton Blather), the 3rd cassette release on Sensory Leakage.

Yet another release from the eclectic Linear Obsessional label, this time from Grundik Kasyansky. One of ‘six improvisations for Feedback Synthesizer (a set up of Kasyansky’s own devising). Spare, precisely controlled slowly developing constructions’ All the very best in 2020 Richard for releasing all those submission still to see the light if day – seems as though they will keep you busy for some time!

A fab 8-bit computer sounding track from an album dedicated to birds of North America – Ornithologia by Ornithologia.

Beautiful , deep, warm drones from aeronaut, a track on the 3rd Annual Report from the excellent Raffaele Pezella‘s Unexplained Sounds Group – the 5th Annual Report has just been released with 53 tracks that have featured at some point this year in his weekly Recognition Test broadcasts.

Smudgeon/The Guelph Basin was new to me this year after a free download dropped into my inbox and several more have followed since. See also Andromache (last track on this show), Fjaeldmark and Idacarabus. Yeah, this guy clearly doesn’t sleep! Best described by the man himself ‘warm, noisey sounds to listen to in a dark room with headphones on’

Quirky, off-beat, off-kilter, out-there sounds from qualchan, peradem tapes label owner in his own right. Last time I checked (as I wrote this) the entire discography of 32 releases can be yours for a mere $15.20 (or equivalent value wherever you are in the world)

Slow burning psychedelic drones delivered to us by John 3-16, released on the Alrealon Musique label.

Dark, haunting and hypnotic sounds from Stigmate, aka Nicolas Locci with an album inspired by, and dedicated to, Aleister Crowley.

Mellow tones, gentle piano and soft spoken, barely audible voice from Whalt Thisney‘s latest release, This Stillnes. ‘The music of Whalt Thisney is a solitary soundtrack to nowhere, a non-tourist map into the unknown; music and images to create new, fully immersive environments, an intriguing aural pilgrimage with no destination in time and space, nuances and labyrinths.

Here we move into more tripped out territory with Black Tempest, a new release from the wonderful Misophonia Records titled Inner Space – A Psychedelic Audio Book. Thanks for all the great releases Andy, keep ’em coming – at one point it felt like I was including a track from a different release of yours almost every other show and I quite possibly was.

Noise in Opposition’s Mark Chickenfish appears here as Concrete/Field on a split release with Savier. When hit with a creative block he sent some tracks out asking artists to remix them, resulting in this collaboration. Savier created new tracks from the originals with Mark then reworking them into four new tracks. Ace.

Live recordings ‘made by Graham Dunning & Sascha Brosamer using gramophone, turntable, modified records, cast 78s, retextured disks by Lisa Schlenker, mobile devices using Grainfield by CoSiMa / IRCAM, synths and FX ‘ as Dunning and Brosamer

Detailed textural studies. Glorified decay’.

Released on the ever brilliant Invisible City Records, more of which in 2020 when I will be pulling together a label special. I’ve been badgering Craig for DL codes for all the tape releases I have!

We end the show with Andromache who, as you have already seen above, is another alias for an incredibly prolific artist!

As always, sections in italics are taken from the artist and/or label pages on Bandcamp.

Thank you everyone, may 2020 be the year where positivity, hope, friendship and goodness begin to win out against all the prevailing negativity, corruption and selfishness. The good will out in the end.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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