Anticipating Nowhere #21

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #21, where, albeit a few days late, we wave farewell to, shall we say, an interesting 2019, and welcome, with hope, 2020.

I present you with a soundtrack to assist you in your reflections on your own, unique, 2019 experience; to see what each of us has learnt and assess how we can make things better in 2020. A show to soothe and massage our tired brains and to ease us into this new year; we take in:

  1. dark electro created solely using iPhone apps (Dvelop);

  2. improvised sounds over sampled movie dialogue (InSanaParte);

  3. fabulous wonky synthesized sounds, pop, crackles and bleeps (Julien Palomo);

  4. words from Austrian poet Georg Trackl in a haunting evocation of WW1 (eumourner);

  5. experimental, dark ambient dance/not dance (Eat The Sun);

  6. gorgeous, gentle folk/drone (Snekhoose);

  7. beautiful, floating sounds of the ARP Odyssey (Ffion);

  8. stunning experimental ambience/soundscapes from a deeply personal and highly affecting album (Whettman Chelmets);

  9. superb folk horror/gothic/hauntological sounds of Dissemblers and Grave Pretenders (The Northern Lighthouse Board);

  10. delicate, enveloping, synth ambience from an upcoming release on Soundtracking The Void (Field Lines Cartographer);

  11. experimental sound art from Wales (Pendro);

  12. blissful, warm ambience (Sound Effects Of Death And Horror – feat. RIOT);

  13. recordings taken during a long, hot London summer weekend – perfect for this time of year! (Kate Carr);

  14. waves of delicious drones to soothe the soul, lighten the heart and caress the brain (Dēofol)

Links to the artists/albums are below, please do offer your support in any way you can. Thank you for listening and have a enlightened, empowered and positive 2020.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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