Anticipating Nowhere #22

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #22, the 3rd AN show of the new year when you include January’s Select Exclusive show.

If you are not a subscriber and want to hear these longer, more diverse monthly specials you can do so for as little as £2.99 a month. A small amount of that money goes to Mixcloud, an even smaller amount (zero pennies at present) goes to me and the largest percentage goes to the most important people without whom these shows wouldn’t exist – the artists and labels.

So, after AN#22 what else do we have coming up on Anticipating Nowhere over the next month or so? Along with the fortnightly shows and February’s Select Exclusive will be 2 label specials that I am having a wonderful time pulling together, one focussing on Invisible City Records from Gateshead, UK and the other on Mystic Timbre, from Austin, Texas.

I can’t wait to present these to you and hope you enjoy listening as much as I have whilst pulling them together. As with all label showcases I can’t play you everything but I put these together to give the very best of my own personal take on them.

Craig @ ICR and Anthony @ MT (these links are for their Twitter accounts, BC label page links are 2 paragraphs above) are doing great things and I’ve had the genuine pleasure to engage with them both these last few months – damn fine chaps indeed.

Coming later this year, possibly springtime, is a Bloxham Tapes special too but more on that as it comes together.

Also in the works, and very nearly ready for you all, is An Occasional Diversion: Longform 3.0. These are becoming a monthly series in their own right and allow me to share lenghtier tracks for you to surrender your ears and minds too. With these shows I am not constrained by my self-imposed 60 minutes approx. format of the regular AN shows or by trying to give you all a fine selection of 10 or more tracks each show. I can be a bit looser, play fewer tracks but to the same high quality listening you expect.

I can’t help myself; if a track is 20+ minutes long, I have to play the whole track and not just a taster, no matter how damned good that taster is! These AOD shows allow me to do just that.

Finally, An Occasional Diversion: Psych 2.0, is in the works and very nearly finished. Something a little different but worthy of your ears and time IMHO.

On top of all this I have started dabbling in some experimental sounds myself – should you be interested you can hear my first, tentative, rather crude steps into the world of musical creation on my Bandcamp page.

Anyway, on with the show – no words from me on the music this time around, I’ve waffled enough as it is but do hope I have sufficiently whet your appetite for these aural feasts.

Tracklist below; links to artists etc. at the end of the blog. If you can support these artists in any way, please do – they will appreciate the support, no matter how small.

A new blog format, a slight change in the way I present the info to you – hopefully clearer and more ‘eye-pleasing’ than before! Enjoy (that’s not an order, more an aspiration)

Peace : Respect : Compassion


  1. Artist – TrackAlbum

  2. Michael O Shea – Kerry – .

  3. Zach Zinn – Coronal Loop – Various Artists: Unexplained Sounds Group – 5th Annual Report

  4. Lee Enfield – Sounds Fell About Me – Lee Enfield Thinks Like a River

  5. Crawl Unit – Chime Vortex 1 – Chime Vortex

  6. The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor -A spell to protect the NHS from those who seek to destroy it – Music for the National Health Service

  7. Posset – Dicta Solo 26th Oct (take two) – Nine Copper Rods

  8. Graham Dunning – Tape Ghost 2 – Recompiled 2010 – 2011

  9. OCD – Lead – O.C.D ‘début’ EP

  10. FernLodge – at the heart – Hjemve

  11. Seikai – Xia – 17 September 1770

  12. Old Million Eye – Queen Trampoline – Teleportation Chronicles

  13. Evidence – Uses of Darkness – Go Where Light Is

  14. BLACK TO COMM – The Deseret Alphabet – Seven Horses For Seven Kings

  15. Apoxupon – Gaia – How the Garden Grows

  16. The Northern Lighthouse Board – Enchanted Woods – The Northern Lighthouse Board (Reverb Worship Edition)

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