Anticipating Nowhere #24

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #24, albeit a day or two later than originally planned. What’s the old saying? ‘Better late, than never’.

I’ve been busy pulling different shows together these last few weeks to give you all something a little extra, as promised at the start of the year. It has meant the time has flown by and I’ve been busy – especially as I have also recorded and released some music of my own which you can find on Bandcamp.

Recent AN highlights, for me, have been the two label specials released in the last 4 weeks; firstly dedicated to Invisible City Records and secondly to Mystic Timbre Tapes.

Coming up in the next month or so are two more label specials focussing on Misophonia Records and Bloxham Tapes; I can’t wait for you to hear these.

Also coming up will be a February Special, if I can finish it in time! These, hopefully monthly, specials will replace the Select Exclusive shows so they are available to everyone, free, at the same time. A slightly longer, more eclectic mix for you all each month. Also lined up is Longform 3.0 in the An Occasional Diversion series and Psych 2.0 is waiting in the wings.

Over to you and your ears; modular synths, the sound of things being burnt and plants living, drones, field recordings, tribal drumming, insectoid musings and electronic wobbliness amongst others.


Artist – Track – Album

  1. Tyresta – Over & Over – No Mind

  2. Amy Cutler and Mark Williamson – Out Creeps A Larva – Black Moon – Waxing

  3. Cahn Ingold Prelog – Dry Leaves (Beech) – Burns

  4. Catafalque – Ichor (Tyrant Flycatcher’s Will of the Lord Remix) – Corpses

  5. Alex (assassin of sound) – Yukka – Yukka


  7. Malady of Knots – Outflow -jars1&2- – Treatment Works

  8. Raymond Scott – Bandito the Bongo Artist – Manhattan Research Inc.

  9. Electric Sewer Age – Dekotur – Contemplating Nothingness

  10. PPFPESSco – Cooking Up Evil Quasi-Medieval Plans – 💩THE GREATEST SHITS💩CHRISTMAS ALBUM💩

  11. Stuart Chalmers – Instinct 2 – The Heart of Instinct

  12. Pulselovers – oɯǝpǝsᴉou – Zener_05

  13. Rory Mohon – Apparitions – Darkly Dreaming

  14. Empathy Family – Raid – Sleep Transmission

  15. Singapore Police Background – Untitled – Antiworlds

Please, support these artists and labels where you can – I know how much they appreciate it.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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