Anticipating Nowhere #25

Hello. Welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #25 – a guaranteed Covid-19 free zone – breathe freely, breathe deeply and………relax whilst I reflect a little.

I got married 11 years ago, and have a daughter of 9. I started these shows in January 2019 and a new job in October of the same year.

My wife, my daughter, these shows and the new job have all taught, and still teach, me more about myself than I could ever have imagined. Some steps on this journey are wonderfully easy, clearly I am ready for them as they arise. Others are more challenging and mean facing up to insecurities or the occasional fragility of the ego. Either way, every one of those steps is growth and I climb each one eagerly – some slower than others of course.

Part of this growth has been centred around these mixes. The longer I do them the more incredible musicians, creators, labels, curators, artists – call them what you will – I encounter. Their dedication, craft and talent never ceases to amaze me and each and every one with whom I engage seems to be a damned fine human being too. This means that despite my earlier wobbles about whether I should keep doing these mixes or not (previously splurted over these pages) they become more and more of a pleasure as I go along.

This particular mix has something a little different – slap bang in the middle we have a special ‘hidden mix’ courtesy of Rupert Lally – a prominent and prolific creator of synth sounds with a wonderful line in soundtracks to books. Sounds good? Is great. Rupert’s fabulous mix is ‘hidden’ as neither you nor I have any idea what is in it. No tracklist, no clues.

Rupert is my first guest in some time. Lee Pylon of the ever excellent Kites & Pylons show (Sine 102.6 FM and Mixcloud) created a guest mix which I broadcast back in Anticipating Nowhere #13.

Last month I put together a mix for DJ Bleek on Urban Mutant and am hoping to feature a mix from DJ Bleek sometime soon on here too.

The upcoming guest mix, plus the regular shows, other label & monthly specials and my ongoing An Occasional Diversion: Longform series (the latest #5 is here) have meant I’ve been busy but I’ve had a bloody great time.

Enough of that – on with the show. I hope you enjoy it. I did.

The track list is below. You know the drill by now – if you can support these artists and labels in any way, please do; every penny keeps them going.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Artist – Track – Album

  1. Grey Frequency – Lost Ferric Souls – Weird Garden – Weird Harvest – A Weird Garden Collection

  2. Carniverous Plants – Autumn Skin – Colloquial Embers

  3. Slow Clinic – Possible Side Effects Include… – Become Nothing

  4. Fataliste – Ecumenical Cloaca – Mercurial Gaslighting

  5. Alex (assassin of sound) – The Pelagonium Screams – The Pelagonium Screams

  6. Rupert Lally – Hidden Transmission 002 – Exclusive for Anticipating Nowhere

  7. Counter Silence – A measure of how close we came – This is only part of the story

  8. Aaron karnov – Emergenz – Oba Boba und die Abgründe- Der Smogwürger- Aaron Karnov- Trieste – Partikelfiltration # 2

  9. C. Reider – 1006 tree ear – Mount Inwards

  10. Ghost Signs – The Stars They Blind Us – The Holy Ghost and Other Lost Souls

  11. Acef Stripe – Blossom – Verses Records Sampler Vol. 3

  12. Fordell Research Unit – Ah-Ba- – The Futile Struggle Against The Dark Void That Consumes All

  13. Belle & the Woodland Sounds – Haunter of the Forest – Weird Garden – Weird Harvest – A Weird Garden Collection

  14. The Northern Lighthouse Board – The Dream of the Moon – The Spirit Cabinet

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