Anticipating Nowhere #27

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #27.

I had a flurry of activity recently what with AN#26, another An Occasional Diversion mix (Psych 2.0) and two special shows all published in the last two weeks or so.

The first special was the Covid-19 Lockdown Mix that I put together on the spur of the moment – all tracks featureed were from purchases I made on Friday 20th March when Bandcamp waived all their fees for 24 hours. This meant all income from every sale went directly to the artists and labels (except for the cut Paypal continued to take!)

Second up was the Misophonia Records Special that I put together a couple of months ago but was saving to publish and decided I could wait no longer. These label specials, I hope, give the labels and artists exposure and generate even a small volume of sales to keep them going.

These extra shows mean I get to share more of the music I love with the you in the hope they hit the spot with you too. I also seem to be putting these shows out on a weekly basis rather than fortnightly as I had originally planned. I’m having great fun doing them and people are listening so I will keep going, adhering to some form of schedule but no longer bound to specific dates and times.

So here we are then with my usual mix of sounds: experimental, electronic, ambient, noise, drone, musique concrete, kosmische – all blended to create a feast for your ears.

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Hermann Holsgr – Satcra Data – Virtuell Weltanschauung

  2. Blank Disco – Dial-Up – Data Slut EP

  3. Aki Onda – Flickering Lights – Ancient And Modern (Cassette Memories Volume One)

  4. √π – X – Musique Concrète – mechanism to reveal itself

  5. Ak’chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Nux Vomica – Bullet Ant Initiation – Transmissions From Boshqa

  6. Phantoms vs Fire – From Amboy to Zzyzx – Superbloom II

  7. The Fractal Skulls – The Transitional Phase – Rayleigh Scattering

  8. SOVIJUS – Kosmos – 洗心

  9. NAVA SPATIALA and UBURGRUND – Contact 2 (examinatio) – Limerent Alien

  10. Chaigidel – Under the Soil – Entrails of the Earth

  11. Mortar Devotions – Part II – Operazione Piovra [The Lead Chronicles]

  12. Spectral Habitat – Fireflies – ATLAS

One final thing before I go…….if you like the shows you may like the sounds I have been creating. I have several releases lined up in the coming months which I am so excited about it is unreal.The first of those is my debut 12″ ‘When the Tide Went Out’ which is released by Subexotic Records on 3rd April 2020; you can listen on my Bandcamp page and order either the limited edition lathe-cut vinyl or digital versions.Any support, even just your time to listen, will be hugely appreciated. Thank you, Simon

Be sensible, stay well and stay safe. Music is medicine – I hope this show soothes your soul and calms your mind.

Please support the artists in any way you can – links to the featured tracks below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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