Anticipating Nowhere #28

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #28 and what better way to help you through this period of extended isolation than with a show of glorious noise.

The image for this show maintains my theme of our beautiful outdoors but this time the shot was taken from within the confines of the flat. As we sit in lockdown, the natural world flourishes – bird song is clearer than ever, the sky is blue, cherry trees are in blossom, the air is cleaner and I can see stars at night!

Ah yes, I said glorious noise. This show gives you just that from the deep, electrostatic buzz of the opener from Colossloth to the psychedelic, mechanical loops of Chlorine that melt into a gorgeous, soothing finale.

The electronic buzz, hum and tape sounds that morph into deep, unsettling menace and hum of Chemiefaserwerk to the dark, skittering sounds of the telescopes.

We have tape manipulation (with added Ultravox) from mhzent and the heavy pulse and scree of Nava Spatula and Ubergrund.

The words of Charles Baudelaire recited over haunting, ethereal and ultimately oddball electronic sounds of Ruth White that leads us to a moment of quiet contemplation and reflection with the beautiful, distant and cracked piano and atmospheric flutter of Cyff Gwawd. Seriously, what an outrageously beautiful track in which to recoup our thoughts before we move onto the second, lighter half of the show.

Kicking us off here we have the uplifting, swirling, woozy psychedelia of Shit Creek gently leading into the hypnotic, bouncing beats over textures and layers of industrial noise and synth bleeps of Takahiro Mukai.

German Army move us back into slightly darker territory, more clanging metal, glockenspiel! and electronic buzzing before White Manna take us on another gentle psychedelic journey – less in-your-face guitar driven psych from them this time – more kosmische with a touch of Hillage to my ears.

Our penultimate track is from Astral Social Club where we have the trademark looping and clever, melodic layers and layers of sound Neil Campbell seems to pull out of nowhere. Fabulous.

We end on a slightly different note. Normally I would ease you to the end of the show with an ambient track but this time I leave you with an absolute, psychedelic delight of a track from J S-Horseman. The track was inspired by the drawings of his 3 year old son and it cannot fail to make you sway/nod/rock and pull the strings of your heart ever upwards to force a face-wide grin that will linger long after the song has finished.

Gah, my words never do these tracks the justice they deserve! Check them out for yourselves……..

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Colossloth – Dies Infaustus – Plague Alone

  2. Chlorine – Hear You Smile – Hear You Smile

  3. Chemiefaserwerk – Blinder Fall – Collagen

  4. the telescopes – mind fold – black eyed dog

  5. mhzesent – tpr2fck – Musique Concrète – Magnetic Products

  6. NAVA SPATIALA and UBURGRUND – Contact 6 copulation- Limerent Alien

  7. Ruth White – The Litanies Of Satan – FLOWERS OF EVIL

  8. Cyff Gwawd – Yn Rhidiau’r Afon – Cyff Gwawd

  9. Shit Creek – This Is Nowhere, And It’s Forever – The Land Of The Remember

  10. TAKAHIRO MUKAI – 449 – Fusty Stuffy

  11. German Army – Gathering Collections – Animals Remember Human

  12. WHITE MANNA – Zodiak Spree – Ape On Sunday

  13. Astral Social Club – Dudu – Abstract Double Concrete

  14. J S-Horseman – Spin Markings – Spin Markings

I know times are indeed strange and can be tough but if you can spare a few pennies to support these artists, please do. Links to the featured tracks are at the end of this blog.

Please be good to yourselves, keep a routine – stay clean, get dressed each day, eat as well as you can, keep to a regular sleep pattern. We will all get through this together

My love to you all – be well and safe.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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