Anticipating Nowhere #29

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #29 and to May 2020. Seriously, where has this year gone?

I guess these unprecedented times have distorted our own sense of time and amidst all the uncertainty and juggling life at home (both my wife and I working full-time and trying to home-school our daughter) things have been tense every now and then.

We, like many others, have found it hard to adjust and accepting that we can’t carry on as ‘normal’ (and exactly what good was that doing us all?) was tough. So I have stepped back a bit from work, reduced the virtual meetings and am spending more time with my daughter.

As adults my wife and I are used to working under our own steam to get things done but for a 9-year old, used to being in a classroom, surrounded by friends to gee each other up during the day, with full support from the teachers? How is she supposed to cope when her mum and dad aren’t really there for her at times because they have ‘important’ meetings to be in? F*ck that – she is far more important than any meeting and I want her to come through this a more rounded, stronger person.

So, if any of you are in the same boat and are struggling with expectation just remember – these are not ‘normal’ days so embrace the difference and do what you need to do, not what you think is expected of you.


The one constant driving me through this has been music and we continue to be blessed with outpourings of incredible releases on a weekly basis. Add to that the amazing support from Bandcamp in holding not one, but two, no-fee days (where Bandcamp waive all their fees so all money spent (minus payment provider fees – time to step it up Paypal and banks) goes directly to the artists and labels) there is no better time to discover and support small, independent artists and labels.

These artists and labels are the lifeblood of this show and I will support them whenever I can so am saving pennies for the next Bandcamp Fridays (I believe they are doing tweo more, one in June and another in July)

As always, each of the artists and tracks featured on this show are from Bandcamp so please see the end of the blog for links to all the tracks/artists/releases featured here.

So this week we have dungeon synth, sound-art/poetry, psychedelia, synth-goodness, noise, experimental electronica, gorgeously wonky electronica, modular synthesis and other downright wonderfulness.

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Archana – Drawing Banners – Rites

  2. ANTIBODIES – mic robes – Can you ear me

  3. Shit Creek – Kunstwerkwald – The Land Of The Remember

  4. Carnedd Aur – False Oil – Heal The People, Heal The Land

  5. German Army – Before the Smelter – Animals Remember Human

  6. White Phospherous – Seven Fingernails – Cruel and Unusual Punishment

  7. Other Matter – Froidement – MON ROYAUME DE CHAINES – V – DES ENTRAILLES

  8. Gabriele Gasparotti – Istantanea n.4 – Istantanee vol.1

  9. Fragile X – Phase System (0.506127) – The Butterfly Effect (bc043)

  10. Andromache – The Quiet Star – Celestial Meadow

  11. Black Robert – Dein Bauch – Antalya

  12. The Wyndham Research Institute – Note III – Interim Report no. 57- Io Transmitter Sub-Committee

  13. Rovar17 – A Vörös Színe – Bauv Diag Pneo Snt

Dig in.

Eat well.

Drink deep.

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can and if possible, keep them in your wishlist until the next Bandcamp Friday rolls in.

Until next time – stay safe

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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