Anticipating Nowhere #3 – Under the Influence……Krautrock

Krautrock is a term I struggle with at times; a movement rather than a musical style – not even the most endearing of terms in my mind! I often find it associated with the more electronic and motorik side of things but it was much more than that; free jazz, psychedelia, prog, acid-drenched jams and so on.

Rightly or wrongly I have erred to the former on this mix – I’ve even included old favourites Can, Neu! and Harmonia, many of you will know these already. However, I am not here to try and be clever and show how ‘exclusive’ my collection is! Sure, there will be tracks and bands I know of that others listening in may not but isn’t that the point and the case with all collections! This is what makes doing these shows and listening to others so exciting.

I am a music fan, making shows of music I love – in this case the inspiration comes from my childhood. I can remember, at the age of 7, my parents leaving a portable cassette player on the landing at night, playing Autobahn by Kraftwerk on repeat to help my younger brothers and I get to sleep at night.

Thanks mum and dad. ❤ – look what you started way back then! Kraftwerk led to more Kraftwerk, then to discovering this thing called Krautrock and the wonderful worlds that opened up to me from then on.

So hier ist für Ihr Hörvergnügen die Playlist für AN # 3

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