Anticipating Nowhere #30

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #30.

This show features two tracks from the wonderful Cadmus Tape label. The glitchy electronica of Marco Ferrazza kicks things off and dark ambience from Pat Moonchy brings us to a close.

Sandwiched amongst those two releases we have the beautiful, pulsating waves of noise from HumanHate666, the wonky, supernatural take on a mysterious case for X-Files’ Mulder and Scully from Mousecop on the Rubber City Noise label. Serge Bulat provides ambient sound-art – voices echoing, stumbling gently over each other to lead you into a state of vulnerable hypnosis.

Another slab of glitchiness from Rubber City Noise, this time from Black Unicorn leading us into the beautiful warmth of synth pads and synchopated beats of Andrulian (from another of my go-to labels, Mystic Timbre) before we take slow, deep, breaths and connect with our deeper selves for a soothing flight through the clouds on rays of vibraphone sunshine courtesy of Oyster & Scallop.

Stumbling through bric-a-brac in our dazed into a world of stunning musique-concrete and drone from Crawl Unit. A mesmerising piece of work with a cracking title to match – thank you to my friend @impdronerec for sharing this with me.

Another artist who has featured on these shows many times before is Whettman Chelmets. I find his work to be so full of emotion and utterly captivating each and every time. We have another incredible piece from him here reflecting on missing loved ones and the fears and tensions around the globe as we all face up to this continuing pandemic.

A fellow Mixcaster and artist is Black Ops (his excellent Mixcasts are here) with further reflections on the global quarantine and lockdown (could be lifting in a town near you!). Superbly understated yet brilliantly cohesive alien chatter over lost in space sounds. Lost Harbours lead us further on our journey, out of the stratosphere and into the woods at dawn, mist hugging the floor as the sun peaks above the horizon.

Andy @ Misophonia is on another roll with a slew of fantastically diverse releases, this next track taken from the double-cassette album from David Colohan. Beautiful ambience, kosmische elements and general wonderfulness.

Pressure Cooker Relief Valve was new to me until about a month ago, I believe it was Rob Hayler (@radiomidwich and the excellent radiofreemidwich) who played a track of his on a show a month or two ago. Thank you Rob, another superb recommendation – here we have bobbling and distorted arpeggiations and it is great.

Ross @ Steep Gloss has also been releasing some cracking stuff of late, the track featured here is brilliantly haunting and at times ominous piece by Toxic Chicken and taken from the ELECTROLARYNX compilation (a dada collaboration between 10 vocal artists and their appliances)

Before Pat Moonchy signs off we have a delightful experimental track of electronics and field recordings from Anla Courtis (of Reynols renown) and released on another consistenly great label, the Irish Fort Evil Fruit.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Marco Ferrazza – Seisuoni – B03

  2. HumanHate666 – Machine Storm – Divvin’ Gan Near The Capell Fan

  3. Mousecop – Moldar encounters a dark spirit in the woods, Skully is skeptical though – Greatest Hits Volume 2

  4. Serge Bulat – Flashforward – Wurmenai

  5. Black Unicorn – Three – Insect Songs

  6. Andrulian – Chasing the Setting Sun – Sunday Constitutional

  7. Oyster & Scallop – A Delic – psychic spasm

  8. Crawl Unit – As My Contact Mic Gently Weeps – The Future in Reverse

  9. Whettman Chelmets – My Presence will Go with You – The Rain, The Pour

  10. black_ops – Bad Dreams – Quarantine Nectar

  11. Lost Harbours – Passing at Dusk – In The Direction Of The Sun

  12. David Colohan – A Moongathering – Visitations

  13. Pressure Cooker Relief Valve – Technostructure – Towards a New Architecture

  14. Toxic Chicken – Dea Karina – Various Artists – ELECTROLARYNX

  15. Anla Courtis – PRR – ATSPRRRCHEXS

  16. Pat Moonchy – 4- Last Quarter – WINTERMOON

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can.

Please also visit my Bandcamp site as I continue to add releases to my page – two more E.P.s (one digital, one vinyl) will be released soon so please follow me to received any updates.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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