Anticipating Nowhere #31

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #31, the one that follows #30 and precedes #32. Yep, that #31.

In this show we have more from Cadmus Tapes courtesy of my bulk purchase on Bandcamp Friday at the start of May. Saying that, I still haven’t listened properly to all my purchases from that day and the next Bandcamp Friday is almost upon us (this Friday, 5th June) and I have another bunch lined up already thanks to the remaining balance of birthday Bandcamp gift vouchers.

Another label that had a fantastic offer on several months ago was HAMFUGGI Records and I have only just started to find the time to listen through the releases from that label and what I have heard is superb – 3 of which you will hear in the show.

Personal favourite Misophonia Records appears again, this time with a previously unreleased project from Simon Morris who we sadly lost last year.

Actually, there is so much aural goodness but I will not bore you with my ramblings other than to say check out the label pages (not just these, but for all previous shows too) and you will often find whole digital discographies at ridiculous prices.

Either that or the entire discography is PWYW so for a minimum $1 per release – that small price ensures the label aren’t giving their hard work away for free and shows a small level of appreciation to the artist and label – it appears in your collection for others to see and pique their interest.

I feel bad for singling out some labels in the intro and not others…..but not that bad though so I shall leave you to listen, indulge your ears and imagination and take a trip with this latest show.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Ek dui tin char – 38 (feat. Gabriel Pereira Spurr) – Cosmic dimensions

  2. Whirling Hall of Knives – Vooidtexxture – WHOK Lab Emissions Vol. II

  3. Deludium Skies – Crystalline Wasteland – Anthropocene

  4. Minimal Drone GRL – Improvement District No.12 – Ancestral Origins (bc054)

  5. Lucie Peppermint – Holocaust A Hoax – Lucie Peppermint

  6. Jasmine Guffond – Default Cultures – Microphone Permission

  7. Odie ji Ghast & Plastiglomerate – someone schliesing snow – 12DAAY

  8. Natalia Beylis – New Conditions, Amsterdam, No. 1 – Love-In-A-Mist, Edible

  9. Shit Creek – somesunyyday1 – Fluid Karma 1

  10. Carnivorous Plants – Hive Of Eyes – Zener_10

  11. Antoine Trauma – Mala Falha – Pós humano, demasiado pós humano

  12. Deathbird-Budman – Gone to Croatoan – Fruits from Saturn

  13. Cloud Diameter – Liquid Interior – Cloud Diameter 2

  14. Thief on the Cross – Beyond Oblivion’s Touch – The Mount of Temptation

  15. MUTATE – Xtalk – Cicatrix (HT039)

  16. Hypophrenia – The Hymn Of Mechanism – Sounds Of Nowhere

  17. Steve Nolan & Grey Frequency – Blimped – Intercept

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can, all links to tracks and artists featured are below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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