Anticipating Nowhere #32

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #32 where we are in very familiar territory with some new releases from Misophonia Records, Invisible City Records and Steep Gloss from the latest Bandcamp Friday held on 5th June.

Safe to say there will be more tracks from that day to follow in a couple of upcoming An Occasional Diversion Longform shows and of course the June 2020 monthly special

As well as other selected, always excellent, tracks on this show we have a special unreleased track from Kites & Pylons’ Lee from his newly announced musical persona dogs versus shadows. Lee’s debut This Crow Wears A Wire sold at on it’s first day of pre-release and is now on a limited run second edition.

Lee and I are now labelmates on Subexotic Records, do check us out.

Self-promotion aside, on with the show.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Secret Nuclear – Widespread Fires – 12 Miles

  2. Dogs V Shadows – Bombing Middle England – Bombing Middle England

  3. neil campbell + rob hayler – radiata – in luck

  4. Free Piece of Tape – Attach the K. – Free Piece of Tape

  5. H A I R S A B Y S S – ESP PART IV – H A I R S A B Y S S

  6. Deathbird Stories – IAU S223 – TARRH

  7. Pit Horse Doom Orchestra – Aschewüste – Modelbau – Pit Horse Doom Orchestra

  8. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Unsemble II – Unsemble

  9. Zebularin – diplothian – Strangled Curiosity

  10. The Kiriks – Global Quarantine – Various Artists – The Heavy Compilation (HT041)

  11. Pastoral Abuse – Reborn – Cold Hand Of Power

  12. Cahn Ingold Prelog – Contempt for the truth – Contempt

  13. Patrick Glennon – Space Atrocity – Two-Year Burn

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can, links to all tracks in the show are below.

Please also visit my Bandcamp site if you’d like to hear my self-released recording as well as 2 releases on Subexotic (When the tide went out & The Reciprocal Second, If I Was There… on Adaptive Sonic and my forthcoming album, Momentary Illumination, on Mystic Timbre.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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