Anticipating Nowhere #33

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #33, a show which reflects on the events of recent months from the enforced isolation of the coronavirus pandemic to the horrific, cyclical, racist events and racially motivated murder and oppression in America.

In this show we feature three tracks from the excellent Front & Follow compilation album, ISOLATION & REJECTION VOL 1 where all profits go to The Brick in Wigan. We also have 2 tracks from I Can’t Breathe, a deeply moving album created in tribute to George Floyd.

We begin with beautiful, bucolic sounds of Kemper Norton then head into this gorgeous tribute to George Floyd A Lament for George’ by The Wyndham Research Institute. Beautiful tones, glorious drones and hum juxtaposed against the oppressive sounds underpinning the track, forcing you to think of the man who lay there, struggling to breathe, pleading for his life for nearly 9 minutes until his murder was complete.

Fran Dominguez (aka Forest Robots) takes George’s memory and lifts it high above us with ‘Of Birds Migrating in the Distance‘. An absolutely heartbreakingly stunning piece of music. Plucks, drones, strings – holy crap. Makes me want to cry at the sheer wonderfulness of it all.

Alexandra Spence delivers her take on the 3 minutes of sound sent to her by Matt Atkins with the instruction to take those sounds and make something of her own. Here she creates a fantastic spoken word, drone piece that transports you to another world for several minutes

Chow Mwng delivers a modern-day Beefheartian piece replete with oral rhythm and backing tracks. Bloody ace. Then ‘them bigwigs what rule the roost‘ make their presence known and try to overpower us with the feeling of menace through D^MSELFLYs The Yeoman’s Tears…watch out, they have their eyes on you but we won’t be beaten down.

The insanely prolific SAD MAN (Andrew Spackman) makes sure of that, providing the spritual lift to free us from the chains that try to bind with a wonderfully upbeat track from his album, which he quite rightly calls a ‘a bit of a wonky banger‘, Daddy Biscuits. This leads us into Darrg (Darren J Giddings of the excellent Space Folk Horror Lounge on Frome FM (and Mixcloud)) with a track called Bats and Clocks with said sounds interlaced with Channel 4 news interviews with those working tirelessly, without the correct support and PPE equipment, on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

Robbe / Gloaguen take the clock ticks and turn them into drips, hits and glitches with a throbbing, thudding pulse below. Paul Nataraj moulds these sounds into a mantra and transports us to Blackburn. He has createed an incredibly personal, diverse and fascinating album, over several years in tribute to his father who passed a way in 2013.

Our 3rd and final track from the ISOLATION AND REJECTION compilation sets us on a little journey of peace and contemplation. It comes from K and is deep, hypnotic, haunting and just…..just……brilliant! Moving from one set of stunning tones and drones to another with AN fave Fordell Research Unit – music to lift your spirits higher and higher. Pure ecstasy. The third track in this series is from Pressure Cooker Relief Valve and it leads us into the summer air and birdsong, the rustle of slow movement and the wind in the trees accompanied by soft drones, strings and piano.

We end with another tribute to George Floyd, this time from J. G. Sparkes. More achingly beautiful drones and subtle melodies but, as with the track earlier in the show, feeding that underlying sense of menace and despair from the events that led to its creation. The track finishes abruptly, all life gone and AN#33 ends.

#BlackLivesMatter let us all hope and pray we never have to see these dark paths trodden again and that peace, respect, compassion justice and equality for EVERYONE becomes the new way of the world we all need it to be.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Kemper Norton – Unrequited 47 – ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 1

  2. The Wyndham Research Institute – A Lament for George – I Can’t Breathe

  3. Forest Robots – Of Birds Migrating In The Distance – After Geography

  4. Alexandra Spence – Response 11 (Invisible Cities) – Various Artists – Responses 2

  5. Chow Mwng – Thinuit – Nunavik EP

  6. D^MSELFLY – The Yeoman’s Tears – The Yeoman’s Tears

  7. Sad Man – Hammer Time – Daddy Biscuits

  8. Darrg – Bats & Clocks – ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 1

  9. Robbe / Gloaguen – 08 47 52 34 21 N – Behind the Mirror

  10. Paul Nataraj – Preston – Cobblestones & Kitchari

  11. K – Failure Of Presence – ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 1

  12. Fordell Research Unit – n2 – frdllrsrchnt

  13. Pressure Cooker Relief Valve – Forest Meditation – Gone Adrift

  14. J.G.Sparkes – Twin Cities Static – I Can’t Breathe

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can, links to all tracks in the show are below.

On a personal note it was an absolute thrill to release my latest album Zener_14 on the incredible Sensory Leakage label last Friday, 3rd July. Another album I am extremely proud of and almost sold all 40 physical copies in 24 hours.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me on this whirlwind of a journey this year.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Anticipating Nowhere #33

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