Anticipating Nowhere #34

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #34.

No hanging around, no pleasant introductions. Just straight into some beautiful fuzz, feedback and noise from Hydra Transmitter. But hey, I’ll be nice and ease you gently back down with the glitchy, wonky psychedelia of Soberin Exx (Shit Creek, Astral Social Club and Carnivorous Plants).

Deadly Avenger and Si Begg take the wooziness of the preceding track, throw it on its head and stomp off into the dark of the night, all mysterious back alleys and swirling fog. Don’t hang around for too long or you may end up in the clutches of Project Mycelium and these are much darker and confusing areas to roam. Strange creatures skittering past, just out of sight so you never know if they are safe to have around or not. Oh, it’s OK, they are friendly and they only want to take a look at you. Oh wait, was that such a good idea? Never mind, help is at hand in the shape of the exquisite corpse signalling a new day.

We head down into the grass with Atte Elias Kantonen, amongst the insects and micro fauna and flora, listening in to their conversations as they wonder who or what this strange creature is who dares to invade their world.

We gently slip away, letting the conversation fade as we move on and continue down, burrowing through the earth, blind in the dark and seeing where are digging hands lead us. The electric hum of even more minute fauna, of atoms colliding, of the earth ever moving reach our ears as interpretred by She Destroys Hope, SINNEN where our passage begins to move more freely, before we hit the harder layers of resistance through Hesam Kardan.

We stumble, blinking in the bright sunlight, unable to see because the light is so bright from our subterranean travels. The world sounds slightly muffled to our ears. Hold on. Someone is telling us what to do. mUtAntBǝAtniX Who are they? Where are they? Step my feet in time to the music? To what music?

Cornflux Coldwell grabs our hand and takes us on a tour of the sounds of unsecured webcams around the world, windows on the world of the forgotten, redundant and unaware. Then, assuring us that amidst all this visual noise there is still a place for calm we have Manuka, gently closing our eyelids and whispering words of comfort into our ears.

To close our journey today I leave you with the sounds of the slowly expanding cosmos from Sadness of Pluto.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. Hydra Transmitter – Crystal Subwaves – Early Favorites

  2. Soberin Exx – Ragoraphobia – Normal Islands

  3. Deadly Avenger and Si Begg – Nozuchi – Yokai

  4. Project Mycelium – The Killing – Islands- The Strings Of Time

  5. the exquisite corpse – the feet – the exquisite corpse

  6. Atte Elias Kantonen – Form 1 – Studies in audio fabrics

  7. She Destroys Hope – Overwhelming Deodorant Brings Back Memories Of Better Times – Tourist Traps

  8. SINNEN – Monolith – LOC

  9. Hesam Kardan – Linstra – Noise a Noise 20.1

  10. mUtAntBǝAtniX – fuzzgroveDub – CASSETTE WORLD

  11. Conflux Coldwell – Token – Virtual Private Broadcast

  12. Manuka – Hum – Palisades

  13. Sadness of Pluto – Enlightment from a Pure Consciousness – Journey to the Infinite Space

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can, links to all tracks in the show are below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Anticipating Nowhere #34

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