Anticipating Nowhere #35

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #35. It wasn’t until I began typing up the tracklist for this show and grabbing the URLs to share with you all that I noticed I have included 4 tracks from the Muteant Sounds label – an old favourite and the feature of my first ever label specials shows! There are also two tracks from a label new to me, Aphelion Editions, and one I look forward to exploring in greater detail.

In this show we take in:

Different tones, timbres and density of noise (36, AG Davis, V.O.E.R, CHOKE TC5.008)

Sound art/sound manipulation from R.Weis and Soloman Tump

Wonky synth craziness from Darrg (Darren Giddings of Space Folk Horror Lounge)

Different spectrums of guitar sounds from both ADRA and Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony

Beautiful ambience and drones from Whettman Chelmets, Nicolas Tourney, Expose Your Eyes and Andromache

Psychedelic synthesis from Fragile X and Ocean Floor

Dark, dubby, ambient dance from Subduxtion

Plus ‘A continuing descent into the metallic void. Heavy electronic squall. Oppressive machinery. Melancholic currents.’* from Depletion.

* description taken from the Invisible City Records release page as it decribes it far better than I ever could!

A special mention goes out to BMH – this is the fantastic work of Kate Bosworth of the most excellent Dark Train radio show on Warminster Community Radio and Mixcloud and friend(s). Their music is so damned good and, as yet, unreleased but needs to be heard. When they are ready to go (which I think is … I hope they get the interest, recognition and plaudits they deserve.

Full tracklist:

Artist – Track – Album

  1. 36 – A – Light Years

  2. AG Davis – son of dirt (wrlds in the mind) – Baby Eater

  3. R.Weis – Labyrinth to the Drum – Glass in Your Ear

  4. Whettman Chelmets – Recounting Departure from the Ordinary World – 1000 Faces

  5. ADRA – Untitled (Acoustic Baritone Guitar-Love) – Six Principles of Erewyrehve

  6. Nicolas Tourney – Las Nubes – Presencia

  7. V.O.E.R. – Curse 3 – This Is The End

  8. Darrg – The Challenge of Space and Coffee (2020) – What is Darrg’s Problem

  9. Fragile X – Wayfarer – Maps for the Lost

  10. Subduxtion – Mist – Mist

  11. BMH – Got Divided – unreleased

  12. Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony – 8(2) – Untitled Realm

  13. Expose Your Eyes – Des O’Connor Is Psychedelic Media God pt 2 – Brain Pan

  14. Depletion – Mirror Image – Cotard Delusion

  15. CHOKE TC5.008 – A06 Invert Inversion – Without The Silence – -…- –

  16. Ocean Floor – Shadows – Four Shadows

  17. Soloman Tump – Cursed Pathway – Grim’s Ditch EP

  18. Andromache – Femora – Legions

As always, please support these artists and labels in any way you can, links to all tracks in the show are below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Anticipating Nowhere #35

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