Anticipating Nowhere #38: Longform

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #38 where the Longform series of An Occasional Diversion will now reside. The sounds and artists featured in the two mixes have always been aligned and AOD differed only in as much as it gave me the opportunity to play the longer tracks from featured AN artists.

With so many amazing longer tracks out there I had begun putting more and more AOD shows out and it seemed crazy to keep the two separated. This mix is the first Longform in its new home so please make it welcome.

An Occasional Diversion still lives but I will take it back to what I originally meant it to be. Occasional and a diversion (albeit negligible!) away from the usual AN sounds. From now on AOD will be a vehicle to present one-off shows, label specials etc,

So dig in: the sounds will take you somewhere new. Bon voyage

Headphones on, quiet space, you time.

Artist – Track – Release

  1. Stuart Estell and Neil Campbell – I – (15-20) – piano – tape – melodica – I/II

  2. Depletion – Trauma – Cotard Delusion

  3. Free Magic Show – Side A – Motown

  4. Heat Death of The Sun – Banished – Banished Within The Folds of Gravity Itself

  5. CAROLINE MCKENZIE – the temperature of the stars pt.2 – CAROLINE MCKENZIE – COLDSORE-splittape

  6. Sky Burial – Movement III – Corranach

Stay safe, stay well. Please support the artists where and when you can. You can find links to the tracks/artists featured, as always, below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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