Anticipating Nowhere #39

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #39.

In this mix we have 3 short tracks from Eumig, which is the ambient analog noise project of artist and musician Nick Dawson. Nick also collaborates with Stuart Bowditch in Furrows and James Green as part of Silences but the sounds featured here are all his own.

We also have 3 more tracks from the fantastic Front & Follow series, ISOLATION AND REJECTION. Ever behind the curve me, you get tracks from Volume 3 here, just after Volume 4 has been released! I am certain you will hear more from these albeit way after time again :) Each release is purely to support The Brick in Wigan and for several £ supporting a great cause you get a lot of damned good music.

Natalia Beylis appears once more and there will be no surprise that something from MuteAnt Sounds is here too, this time from Anthony Osborne who last featured in an AN mix back in AN#9 which was actually a MuteAnt Sounds special

This week's selection from the wonderful Strange Selectors compilation comes from Faex Optim with a truly lovely BOC worthy track. Please do check this compilation out too and not because I am on it! All profits will be donated to MSF and with 70% pre-orders already gone everyone involved is so proud of the release and have poured their heart and souls into making it the best we can.

We have more from Silent Method Records, Rubber City Noise, Decaying Spheres and a couple of tracks from a label new to me, The Committee for Sonic Research. Simon from TCFSR has kindly been in touch after I grabbed a few releases last Bandcamp Friday and pointed me towards some other labels, artists and releases so I can't wait to lose myself in them. Cheers Simon.

James Wilson of Moonside Tapes got in touch and shared a couple of their releases with me, mhva appear here courtesy of James bringing them to my attention, and we have another track from a label I have been featuring a fair bit recently, C O M A †‡† K U L T U R.

You hopefully know the drill by now. Dive in, listen deep, lose yourself, enjoy.

Artist – Track – Album

  • Eumig - Worship of Heavenly Bodies - 23

  • Faex Optim - Amber Lance - Various Artists - Strange Selectors

  • mhva - Shore Song - Closing in

  • Phexioenesystems -Water Ceramic - ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 3

  • Natalia Beylis - Antwerp - Central Station (16 Jan 2014) - Old Little Crooked Houses (A Collection of Compilation Tracks)

  • Anthony Osborne - Solar Crown - The Harmolodyssey

  • Adam Majdecki-Janicki - Psych Me Noir - Siejba

  • Eumig - Bowed Stringed Instrument - 23

  • BASS - Balg - Extended Technique

  • Halogen Star - Interference - ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 3

  • Milford Audiolab - Dank - Damp - ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 3

  • FAAA - bounce house for men - sloth

  • Egone - C Bit - C O M A †‡† K U L T U R - R E C O G N I T I O N S O U R C E

  • Dental Drill Slips - Elysium Extraction - Pathways of The Mind

  • Secret Science - ‘widening and dispersion of awareness’ - Experimental music - Benefit album for Black Lives Matter

  • Hynta - Badlands - Decaying Spheres

  • Eumig - Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid - 23

Please support the artists where and when you can. You can find links to the tracks/artists featured, as always, below.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


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