Anticipating Nowhere #4

Evenings are, as for most of us, a time to wind down after a long day and do the things we choose to do rather than have to do (I speak personally here, for many of you it may be that you derive as much pleasure doing what you do during the day as you do in the evening – more power to you)

My wife enjoys watching the TV or losing herself in a book – for me I lose myself in Twitter where I follow great bands, labels, blogs, zines and individuals. Following links here, there and everywhere in the quest for new sounds and knowledge.

Else I hop onto Bandcamp and see what is being recommended or check out the collections of people I follow.

Headphones on, always searching and listening using the small degree of self-control I have to prevent me hitting ‘Purchase’. Must. Not. Buy. Everything.

Needless to say I have spent many hours converting my collection of CDs to digital, archiving – backing up the archive! Excessive maybe but I want to ensure I don’t lose all that time and effort. I haven’t ventured as far as digitizing my vinyl collection – I’d never have time for anything else.

Anyway, I digress……those hours spent listening, reading and learning all give me immense satisfaction – this is the power of music; Music IS my Medicine *^*

Enjoy. Please

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


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