Anticipating Nowhere #40

Hello, and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #40 where we hit October and it only feels like July finished a week or so ago. Time really has flown this year and I am not sure many would put that down to us all having fun.

One result of this whole lockdown thing is that I have worked harder on these shows than before. Each one has become even more of a reflection of how I am feeling and also a way for me to cope with the world in its current state and to express myself in a way that requires no words but creates new worlds each and every time.

I hope October treats each and every one of you well and that we all treat our global network of friends, flora and fauna with respect.

So. No more words from me. New worlds for us all for an hour.

Artist – Track – Album

qualchan. - splash. - summer hits ep III.

Azurite Sun - To Plumb The Deeps Of An Eye - Checked And Chilled By The Prickly Blackness of The Ruffled Waves

Santa Sprees - Further To Cut Element - Sum Total Of Insolent Blank

Sanyan - Ketamine Mukri - Blakk Gauze- (NRR124)

Mr. Meek - Your Safety Measures - Dragon, Uferric, Mr. Meek - Constraints

Camp of Wolves - Fire On The Water, Smoke In The Sky - Green Timbers

The Wyndham Research Institute - Article II - Articles I-IV

Hooded Communion - 01 Untitled - Untitled

Santa Sprees - Pet Project - Sum Total Of Insolent Blank

Ball Geographie – Curtona - Live at Budokan

Skyjelly – Blakey - Skyjelly - Solilians - In the Running 1

Sanyan - Disoriented in the Western Orient - Blakk Gauze- (NRR124)

Greg Nieuwsma – Unwittingly - Rabbit Hole Variations

Stephen Shannon, Kevin Murphy and David Turpin - The Dead on the Stair - The Lodgers

Santa Sprees – Opiate - Sum Total Of Insolent Blank

Zongamin - Slipping Point - Street Surgery 4

Secret Nuclear - 05-TX-9 - TX Vol.2

qualchan. - last chapter. - summer hits ep III.

Please support the artists where and when you can. You can find links to the tracks/artists featured, as always, below.



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