Anticipating Nowhere #42

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hello, and welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #42 which heralds the beginning of November, and sadly, a second national lockdown.

I've had a pretty tough few weeks at work as we have been going through a reshaping (like a restructure but nobody gets made redundant - instead job titles change, role profiles get updated, more jobs are created and opportunities for progressing are opened up) I decided to go for the next step up because even though I work too many hours a day I really bloody enjoy what I do and for the first time ever feel motivated to go for it. I have been selected for interview this week - I have no idea if I will get or if anyone else applied for the same role - and I will give it my all. If I am not successful I need to be able to say to myself that I gave it my very best shot and then learn where I need to develop for this to become a reality in a year so.

On top of that I asked by my director at work to lead the planning for a 'digital festival' that runs throughout November. Trying to organise all that with internal/external people, scheduling in with the leadership team's diaries and making sure the tech is there has been time consuming enough. Add on doing your full-time job too and reviewing CVs, shortlisting, interviewing, getting new starters set up etc. means I have been clocking up 11 hour days far too regularly.

Then the clocks went back.

My body and brain have never been able to deal with that well and with all the stresses and strains and long hours at work I crashed last week. In bed for 2 days solid, unable to do anything. Not 'ill' but ruined. Exhausted. Void of energy, feeling and emotion. Thankfully the weekend has given me extra time to recover but I approach this week with more caution and my wellbeing very much at the forefront of my mind.

As always, music provided the solace I needed so here, in your ears, is the latest AN. May they be blessed with fine sounds and your brain massaged into a state of bliss.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Artist – Track – Album

  • LATEX COP - Seduction of the State - PRIVACY POLICY

  • Spacelab - We Love Can - Kaleidomission

  • Tiger Village - Two Tubs (Tubes II) - The Inverted Amblyopiac

  • Kate Carr - Highway Bridge Drain Pipes, Saskatoon, Canada - Fieldwave

  • Ignatz Höch & Hannah Mouse - Being quietly gay because these rocks are witch-finders under a sleeping hex - judy is working really hard to make this happen but sometimes needs a nap and that’s ok.

  • Cahn Ingold Prelog – Fridge - Accelerate

  • Atlas Castle and Chuck W. - Anaesthesia [2020] - Anaesthesia [2020]

  • Alyssa Auvinen Barrera - Not Acid - Species Of Beasts

  • Fragile X - Building Castles in Spain - Chromatherapy

  • Chlorine - Sweat Transits - Old Haunts

  • The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor - Blessing of the Hand-Sanitizer - Blessing of the Hand-Sanitizer

  • Left Hand Cuts Off The Right - I Can Wait 3 - I Can Wait

  • Steve Hadfield - Liminal Night Feeds - Displacement Activity Vol. 3

  • Lost Tales - Wishes Cast into the Water - Sketches along the Strath

  • Harald Sack Ziegler – Blechriff - Ahornschraube

  • Ralph Kinsella – Suffuse - Lessening

  • Spacelab - We Love Faust - Kaleidomission

Please support the artists where and when you can. You can find links to the tracks/artists featured, as always, below.



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