Anticipating Nowhere #43

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Hello, welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #43, a mix that has been even more of a release than preparing these normally is for me. Things in and out of work have continued to be tough and I have really needed to ground myself in music to see me through.

As this last week drew to a close things took an upwards turn so family health and happiness are in a better place than they have been for a while. That said, I am still sleeping terribly and after quite a few weeks of that the anxiety attacks have made a really unpleasant and unwelcome return. Despite having suffered with these for as long as I can remember they never get easier but I have a range of techniques that help, in most cases, to bring them to an end reasonably quickly.

Anyway, enough about me, these shows are about the incredible talents of the experimental artists putting their heart and soul into creating amazing music for us.


Artist – Track – Album

  • eucarya - Morning Holler - Six Works for Banjo


  • Trouble Tracer - Well of Or - Autofahrt

  • Goodparley - Sedative In Spring Edit I - Sedative Songs

  • The Both And – Tomorrowland - ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 5

  • Qualchan - a scarecrow points the way to the future. - loosies vol II.

  • Tiago Correia-Paulo - Entre Tempos (Primeira Revolução) - Alternate African Reality – Electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music from Africa

  • Bile Router - hermetic insulation of contaminated sites - corruption industrielle de la nature

  • Chlorine - My feet are burnt with liquor - Seasoned Quilts

  • Accidental Tones – Mute - ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 5

  • Chemiefaserwerk - New Nacht Pop - New Nacht Pop

  • SASHASH ULZ - 200 ml - Karelian Balsam

  • Laura Luna Castillo - This Process is Conducted Cold - Tuberose

  • SUBVERSIVE INTENTIONS - Taping it up - Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene

  • Trouble Tracer - Big End 2 - Autofahrt

Please support the artists in any way you can. Until next time, stay safe and well.



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