Anticipating Nowhere #5

One of the things that prompted me to start publishing these shows was the sheer scope and variety of music I uncover every week – including some amazing shows on Mixcloud – and wanting to share my passion for this music with you.

A Twitter post or radio show leads to a link or search, to another, which leads to another and…… get the idea! Onwards down a rabbit hole taking you further and further along a voyage of discovery.

A rabbit hole may not be the best analogy – underground, dark and muddy……..the journies I find myself on are far more enlightening and expansive. Maybe I should compare them to trips through wormholes in space and time that take me to ever newer and, for me, undiscovered places not only in the musical universe but in my psyche too. Sun and starlight bursting through as I arrive in each new dimension.

One of those wormholes was Andy @ TQ Zine – (I mean this in a very positive way Andy!) He has opened my eyes and ears to so many new sounds and scenes through his fantastic zine. His passion shines through, matched by the wonderful relationships he has with all the artists whether he knows them well or not. I get the feeling if not friends at the outset then they soon become s0 through his sheer positivity and desire to promote the music he loves. Plenty of amazing freebies to subscribers too.

So – back to these wormholes of discovery:

The music I find through these can soothe me – like a lullaby or having my brain massaged by the sound waves; or wake me – pummelled into action by relentless urgency of what I am hearing; or take me to a place where even I don’t know where I’ve gone or of what I was thinking, if at all. Sometimes it lets me just ‘be’ without me even knowing I am ‘being’ – meditative in it’s effect.

To everyone that has inspired me, led me to knew discoveries and helped me, unbeknownst to you, have the courage to open my world to others; my eternal thanks.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

So, on with the show – Anticipating Nowhere #5 for your listening pleasure. May you find yourself travelling through some inter-dimensional wormholes of your own

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