Anticipating Nowhere #6

Noise.  Feedback.  Dirty Fuzz.  Anger. Righteous Indignation. Escape.

Whatever dark (or positive) energy it is that drives artists to make raw, primal, guitars-tuned-to-overdrive music there is, and has always been, for me, something so utterly enthralling about it. Guitars ramped up, squalling feedback, visceral energy. Propulsive.

Complex work, seemingly, deceptively, simple at times. Other times it is just that, simple. No-frills. Raw. Basic.

It thrills – makes you feel like you can do almost anything. It feels….powerful.

This show is dedicated to bands new and old that I return to time and again to play loud and go crazy in my front room when nobody is around.

This is about the power of the guitar as a tool to attack or subdue but either way, to inspire and excite.

For this show I have focussed on music where the guitar is the star. Enjoy the selection and PLAY LOUD. I did 🙂

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


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