Anticipating Nowhere #7

Damn, who’d have a job huh! I can’t believe it has taken me over a month to pull this latest show together. But no job = no new music so work I must. If you have visited my ramblings before, thanks for coming back. First time here? Welcome and thanks for dropping by.

After AN#6’s tribute to guitars played loud I am returning to the more familiar territory of previous AN shows. However, rather than scribbling down thoughts and ramblings I want to start to share more about the music I am playing. I am not a practised writer or music critic – these things may well become clear. I am however enthusiastic and my hope is that over time my writing improves, along with my insights, to make these entries of interest and use to at least some of you!

Starting this show is Dave Clarkson, from one of the many releases I appear to be amassing from the wonderful Linear Obsessional label (all label links at the end of this blog). This album is composed solely of sounds captured in and around caves of the UK; masterfully manipulated, chopped, mixed, and composed to make an intriguing, clever and fascinating album.

Next up is Eros Catheter of whom I must confess I know very little but this track is a beautiful caress of noise, subtle melody and distorted, fractured vocals.

Woven Skull hail from Leitrim in Ireland and make a joyous, psychedelic trip of a sound; capturing the raw, earthy sound of what I can only think to call nature-psych – I can envisage listening to this at night in some starlight forest, sitting around a camp-fire wanting it to never end. Glorious.

Malady of Knots is new to me; I believe it to be a one-man project, who got in touch after listening to some of my earlier AN shows. A mix of electro-acoustic, prog, jazz and abstract elements. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff and a particular favourite was this example of electronic synth sounds and piano. Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your music with me.

In my first AN blog I talked about the great Unexplained Sounds Group run by Raffaele Pezzella. Each Sunday evening I, along with 40-50 others from around the world, tune in to his Recognition Test broadcasts. Raffa shares so much good music, new and old, that it is hard to know where to begin. However, amongst the many stand out tracks there tends to be one that hits me where I can’t let go – the new release from J S-Horseman is one such release. Mastered by Rafaelle this is a cracking album of manipulated sounds, voices, and strings recorded over a couple of years. In Jeremy’s own words ‘Playing with a broken radio receiver and shoebox tape recorder then sparked the fantastical desire to transform myself into a radio wave to escape from a current physical state, and travel to far distant unfamiliar spaces‘. Hell yeah!

HLER were one of many Bandcamp finds; yet another fantastic example of synthy-goodness, this time from Finland. The more I hear of modular synths the more I feel like I was born to be one – the sounds resonate with me more than I could ever have imagined; exciting, pleasurable and comforting at the same time.

Wizard Tell Lies’ latest, Past Life Threat Messages, is, to my ears at least, a darker, more fascinating journey into the psyche of one of the many artists making sense of the world around us that seems to take ever more curious, frightening and ominous steps into chaos. This release is on the MuteAnt netlabel (see links below) – Jay Muteant has kindly shared the bulk of his catalogue with me – a mix of experimental, noise, free jazz, no-fi ambient space jazz free form sound. AN#9 is going to be a MuteAnt special so tune in when that arrives.

Caulbearer and Scorched Earth Policy Lab’s release on peacockwindowrecordings is a glorious slab of dense drones and noise from beginning to end. Hard to pick a favourite for this show but for reasons of not wanting to over-egg the content I have selected the shortest of the 3 tracks. Each, however, on this splendid release would be worthy of inclusion on this show.

SONOLOGYST is the recording moniker of Raffaele Pezzella mentioned earlier. On this latest release, PHANTOMS, I think Raffa takes his craft to a new level. Deeper, more complex yet still delightfully taking you on a trip to places, sounds and emotions anew.

Rupert Lally’s is the third release on the brilliant Bibliotapes label. Tapes? Based on books? Designed to look like books? Yup. A brilliant concept perfectly executed to date. I was too slow on the uptake so missed #1 but this second release, inspired by John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids, and the recently released, 1984 inspired, #3 by Audio Obscura are a joy to behold and be heard. Hear the ominous creeping of the triffids and their deadly flick – keep your eyes peeled in the dark folks!

Closing the show is a gorgeous track, from Ai Messiah. Something to soothe the soul and mind. Gentle electronics, fading into birdsong as we draw the show to an end.

Enjoy the show and please do get in touch if you want to share any music for me to play or to just get in touch and say hello. See you for AN#8 – thanks for reading, enjoy the show.


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