Anticipating Nowhere #9: Muteant Sounds (netlabel) Special

Welcome to Anticipating Nowhere #9.

A while back Jay Reeve, co-founder of the Muteant Sounds label, put a message out on Twitter asking if people would be interested in reviewing and/or promoting his label in blogs/mix-sites etc. I had a few releases from this label already so offered to play some tracks on Anticipating Nowhere. As he sent me more and more releases I made a suggestion – I would happily do a Muteant Sounds Special. Jay said yes so here it is.

I am so glad I offered to put this show together – what a journey its been, one in which I have listened to hours and hours of music from this great label and also challenged some personal preconceptions around what types of music I like. I confessed on Twitter a while back that I don’t like ‘wailing’ sax yet at least one track here hits that button with the sax no longer ‘wailing’ to my ears but adding layers of intricacy, noise, challenging me to listen more deeply. Eat your carelessly tweeted words Simon!

I wanted to present the label in as much of a ‘whole’ as I could within the constraints of a 60+ minute show so I needed to get to know the label more. This show could not be solely based around the artists whose music resonated with me most on first listen, how would that be a true representation of the label? I went back again and again. I made myself truly ‘listen’, to break down barriers I had created without ever properly understanding certain types of music; I have opened up new avenues of sound to enjoy which, for me, is a big win.

In their own words Muteant Sounds has been ‘distributing, sharing, posting and releasing the world’s finest experimental, noise, free jazz, no-fi ambient space jazz free form sound ever recorded.’ With so many releases I couldn’t include every artist but I really hope the selection of tracks and artists in this edition of AN showcases the labels ethos in a coherent and, ultimately, enjoyable way. I’ve since received more releases from Jay and had to resist the temptation to add ever more tracks to this show – I will include a selection of these in future ANs.

As I release this show to Mixcloud Jay has not heard it, entrusting a complete stranger to present his label as they hear it. Jay, I hope you think the show does you, your label and the artists justice!

Thanks for reading this blog, please listen to the show and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

If you like what you hear, run a label yourself and think you I could do a similar show for you please do get in touch.

#experimental #noise #freejazz #freeformsound #nofiambient #spacejazz

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