Anticipating Nowhere: Bloxham Tapes Label Special

A quick check of my Bandcamp purchases shows I first stumbled upon Bloxham Tapes in July 2018 when I bought both The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma’at and All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre on the same day. Knowing how I was back then I would have bought them the moment I heard them and liked what I heard. This means I can say with some confidence that was when my relationship with this wonderful label started.

Bloxham Tapes is yet another small (in scale, not ambition) independent label with a diverse, eclectic roster that is never let down in the quality department. Each release adds another piece to the ever evolving jigsaw of sounds that have already created a beautiful picture. It continues to expand with new layers and details as each new tile/title is added.

Not only is the music a delight, so is the artwork and packaging – each release from BT07 onwards, comes in a Maltese cross style box (BT06 was a 10″ lathe-cut vinyl and BT01-05 were in screen-printed cardboard outer sleeves) – so you have many reasons to give all these releases you attention.

Being the completist I am I have original copies of all of these bar BT03 (although Luke did kindly send me a pre-print run test copy so I at least have a physical copy of it in my collection). That said, if anyone has an original copy of this they would be happy to sell please get in touch.

As with all these label specials I hope to generate interest for those new to the label, or encourage those already familar to revisit them. If you like what you hear please do check them out on Bandcamp and give them your support where and when you can.

Please also check out the sister/brother labels, Borley Rectory and Sensory Leakage:

Be well beautful people, enjoy the show and continue to support independent labels, artists zines etc!

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Artist – Track – Album

  1. Señor Alec Thompson – Last Summer Smoking Part 2 – Mouche

  2. Greening Lambourne – Bone City – Blank Noir

  3. KSDS – Gimli’s Dream – Intermissive – No.1

  4. DTB and ITTA – Unsettled Ghosts, Part 1 – Trembling Flower – Unsettled Ghosts

  5. Nino – 2 (excerpt) – EGG

  6. Galloway – 1-4-2 – Hallogalloway

  7. Reet Maff’l – Derby Ram (Reprise) – That’ll Be

  8. Señor Alec Thompson – Mouche Part 2 – Mouche

  9. Benedict Drew – A spell to protect you from the negative energy radiating from the copy of the Daily Mail being read by the person sitting next to you (excerpt) – The Ughhh Ballads

  10. Dousing – Non-Youth Flavours 1 – Return To The Cool Zone

  11. Kelly Jayne Jones – Running to and fro (excerpt) – Clay Tablets, Hoarded Creatures

  12. Rothko Horizons – Sunset – Suite 2 – Cut A Lonely Figure

  13. Reet Maff’l – Gill Sans – That’ll Be

  14. Andrew DR Abbott – Hill Den – Live On Daisy Hill

  15. Wingéd Ma’at – Feather of Truth – The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma’at

  16. KSDS – A Trickling – Non-Stop

  17. Osmiroid – A Vortex Of Pulp (excerpt) – Mandrax Raga

  18. Alison Cotton – The Last Sense To Leave Us – All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre

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