Anticipating Nowhere: Guest Mix for Kites & Pylons

Way back in the not so distant past, I shared with you a special guest mix from Lee Pylon in AN#13. At the time Lee asked me to do a mix for him. After several months I am pleased to say my Anticipating Nowhere Guest Mix, prepared especially for Lee’s always excellent Kites & Pylons show, is now available on Mixcloud.

I was genuinely honoured to be asked by Lee to do a mix for his show and I wanted it to feel and sound right; something that reflects the AN sound and ethos yet staying faithful to the feel of Lee’s shows. It always takes a lot of time and effort to make sure each show works and tells a story – what was tough for this one was reigning in the length; working out how to tell that story in a slightly shorter time frame but I got there!

It took me several attempts to get this the way I wanted it to be; hopefully you’ll feel the show taking you on a journey through the usual AN sounds; electronica, synths, field recording, kosmische and finishing, as always, on a relaxed, medidative vibe.

Thank you Lee, it was an honour to do this for you, thanks so much for having me.

#anticipatingnowhere #electronic #experimental #kitesandpylons

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