Anticipating Nowhere: Misophonia Records Special

Hello and welcome to another Anticpating Nowhere label special, this time dedicated to the wonderful sounds, artists and label head-honcho, Andy Uzzell, of Misophonia Records. Andy is one of those super-fine individuals who seem to exist in abundance in the experimental/underground/no-audience scene.

I first chanced upon Misophonia Records when Bandcamp suggested, back in February 2019, that I listen to R-DA-Epoch by Pink Midnight. A new name on a new label – OK. A click on the link and, as always, I read what the artist has to say:

“This album represents my mental state whilst being in hospital with Lymphoma. The internal battle of mind and body mixed with the external noises that surrounded me” – Lee”.

Intrigued I jumped in and was hooked and I have not looked back since – ensuring I grab every cassette that Andy releases. They have been a diverse, but never less than outstanding, selection of artists crossing many genres. 16 quality releases in just over a year – amazing.

Dub, out-there psychedelia, experimental, synths, punk, ambient, noise, psych-rock, drone………bloody hell. As with every one of these label specials it is SO tough putting together a track list that does the label the justice it so rightly deserves, whilst having to leave out too many amazing tracks.

For the first time ever on an Anticipating Nowhere show, I’ve had to include excerpts of some tracks because some releases only have 2 super-long tracks that are too long to play in full but I had to include them here! In the end I had to include 4-excerpts but these should give you more than enough of a taster to want to check out the lot!

Andy – thanks so much for the amazing music and for being a cracking human too. As you know, you have my support and I look forward to whatever delights you have in store for us all.

Dig in friends and enjoy.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Artist – Track – Album

  1. Surya Kris Peters –Winterbottom – The Hermit

  2. Avens -in reflection- a face – birdmilk is feathers

  3. Pink Midnight -Mouth Ulcers, Shingles, Severe Irregular Heart Beats and Near Death by Jaw Infection – R-DA-Epoch

  4. EntangleMints -Searching For Evidence Of Psychic Phenomenon – EntangleMints

  5. Taras Bulba -No Deal Dub – Three Gates Dub

  6. Black Tempest -Chapter 2 – Underwater World – Inner Space – A Psychedelic Audio Book

  7. D.Hale -jerominarys whish – qairos

  8. Kepier Widow -Boundaries Side A (excerpt) – Perspectives and Boundaries

  9. SALTINGS -Earth Fosters What Heaven Lets Fall Part 2 (excerpt) – Earth Fosters What Heaven Lets Fall

  10. Imhotep -1828, I Think (excerpt) – 1828, I Think

  11. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol -Mending Fences – Symbol Ensemble III

  12. D-BAM -Remember What – Tape 1054

  13. Life Education -Basalt Slope – Pilgrims of the Infinite

  14. Ade Hodges -Disembodied Part 1 (excerpt) – Disembodied

  15. D-BAM -Insect Bowl – Tape 1054

  16. Whettman Chelmets – But I Need To – I Don’t Want to Let Go, but I Need to Let Go

  17. Surya Kris Peters – La Morrina – The Hermit

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