Anticipating Nowhere netlabel

Independent, digital-only, netlabel focussing on experimental, electronic, noise, drone, etc. ** R E A L H E A D M U S I C **

I did it. I finally took the plunge and did what I have been thinking about for a few months - Anticipating Nowhere is now also a net-label.

To kick things off I have released a 3-track E.P. under a new alias, mØMaZ, called 'attenuation deficit disorder' and you can listen on Bandcamp and throught the embedded player here:

When I have an idea it takes a while for it to work its way through the corridors of my mind but once it gets to the 'doing' bit my ADHD kicks in and I find myself doing stuff like this. Thankfully part of the journey to the doing is the actual thinking so I did have a plan of what I want Anticipating Nowhere to be as a label.

I don't have the money to produce physical copies and I follow many net-labels who do as good a job as those with a physical presence. Yes, I love the feel of vinyl, a cassette, CD, USB stick etc. in my hand but with financial pressures everywhere and Bandcamp's model we can get fantastic music out there at very little cost but with great exposure for the artists.

The focus of this label is on experimental music; noise, drone, sound art, field recordings, electronic sound and manipulation to name just a few.

There will be a small cost for each release for several reasons:

  1. I want to give something back to the artists

  2. I need to cover the annual Bandcamp fees for a label and Pro account

  3. In the (very) long-term I would like the chance to produce one-off physical releases

If you are interested in the label and would like to be added to future emails to receive download codes or if you want to submit music for consideration please drop me an email.

Thank and enjoy the sounds


Anticipating Nowhere

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