Anticipating Nowhere Records: ANR001 & ANR002 available now

Well, it's been 6 days since I launched Anticipating Nowhere as a netlabel and I am needing to find my feet quickly. Whilst I know how to do the uploading side of things (the easy bit) and the networking (the fun bit) I need to get my head around promoting the label and the releases (the new, unknown bit)

The week has gone well and I've had a lot of support on Twitter and I now need to turn that into activity and also generate a small amount of income to support the artists. I've been contacted by several this week so am hoping the roster begins to expand and that the label can be a place for artists to release something a little different should they so desire.

The only minor glitch of the week came yesterday (Friday 13 November) which was release day for ANR002: Dogs Versus Shadows - Fractured Dream Transmissions Vol 1, when my laptop wouldn't boot and I couldn't get on to publish the release or contact Lee to let him know I was having problems. I got there but 2 hours later than I had hoped for.

It is looking like ANR003 will be out on 11 December (all will be revealed beforehand assuming all goes as planned) and I have a couple of other artists working on material to be released.

If you are interested in being a part of AN please drop me an email:

  • if you need to release that experimental album inside you but never had an outlet for it (all submissions will be considered)

  • if you want to release something anyway

  • if you want to be added to the mailing list for updates, d/l codes for review/airplay etc.

Contact me:

In the meantime, here are the details of the first two releases on Anticipating Nowhere Records:

ANR001: mØMaZ - attenuation deficit disorder

"Anticipating Nowhere is proud to announce it's first release from mØMaZ, aka Simon Klee. mØMaZ allows Simon to release his more experimental output and kicks things off with a triptych of noise, fuzz, subtle drones and a gently beating heart."

ANR002: Dogs Versus Shadows - Fractured Dream Transmissions Vol 1

"Fractured Dream Transmissions Vol 1 by dogs versus shadows is a challenging 10 track release. The Chief Dog sonically surveys ten strange dreams that were previously hidden in the fog of 3am."

Stay safe





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