Music as Simon Klee: An update

A while back, on 8th March 2020, I wrote a post about music I have been creating myself and mentioned that I had 3 Digital EPs up on my Bandcamp page.

How things have changed in the 42 days since then.

When The Tide Went Out E.P.

One of the digital releases, ‘When The Tide Went Out‘ became a fully fledged lathe-cut 12″ clear vinyl release on 3rd April 2020 on Subexotic Records.

You can read my bio on the Subexotic artist page and can listen to/purchase the release at the link below:

Lead track – Earthen Pulse:

Dan @ Subexotic even put together a video to accompany the track ‘it got wet, then it broke‘. Using some stills and some short video clips I sent him he came up with this which, to me, fits the mood of the track perfectly.

Andy from Misophonia Records wrote an amazing review of the release on his Dayz of Purple and Orange blog (seriously great reviews and a huge archive of aural gems to read and discover).

Momentary Illumination

I have also released the digital version of my debut album, Momentary Illumination, on the wonderful Mystic Timbre label run by Anthony Pandolfino.

The cassette is up for pre-order and will be released on 13th July 2020. Listen/purchase at the link below:

Featured Track – Happened this Spring:

Anticipating Nowhere Label Special Series

I have been recording a series of label specials for the Anticipating Nowhere shows and you can listen to the Misophonia show here and the Mystic Timbre one here.  Links to these two shows are at the bottom of this blog along with links to the other label specials I have broadcast. 

BK Digital E.P.s

For each official release I have been uploading free E.P.s of sounds recorded on a wonderful, tiny piece of kit I was given last year, the Bastl Kastle 1.5. These E.P.s focus very much on the deep, electronic fuzz, buzz, growl and crackle I get from this little device and are wonderful fun to produce.

Upcoming Releases

Next up is a digital EP on the Adaptive Sonic label. The release date is TBC but all tracks are recorded and with Shawn for final preparations before it is released – more info to follow as and when I have it.

I am also putting the finishing touches to a second 6-track EP for Dan @ Subexotic. I have written and recorded all the tracks and just need to make some final amendments before Dan and I can talk about a release date.

Finally, I am really excited to say that I have started work on a follow up album for Mystic Timbre – two tracks are already done and I have ideas for others. There is never any hurry so I look forward to seeing where these next few months take me.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read, listen, purchase, share, support in any way – it all means so much to me.

Until next time – stay safe and well.

Peace : Respect : Compassion


Links to Anticipating Nowhere Label Specials:

Misophonia Records

Mystic Timbre Tapes

Bloxham Tapes (publishing 20/04/2020)

Invisible City Records

Muteant Sounds

Girly Girl Musik

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