What is Anticipating Nowhere?

Anticipating Nowhere is a fortnightly show I publish on Mixcloud of tracks by artists that inspire me with their creativity, vision and craft.

This site provides more detail on the tracks featured on each show and may well even begin to include my random thoughts and comments on certain tracks should I ever feel brave enough to put them into type. Do not expect deep and meaningfuls if I do!

Why Anticipating Nowhere?

The title is taken from The Telescopes track of the same name on their first album, Taste, released in 1989. A short, sharp, blast of pulsing, swirling, driven noise that thrills me as much today as it did as a 17 year old discovering the joys of a darker, heavier and more cerebral music than I had known before.

Never ending has to stop and when it stops it lasts forever:The Telescopes – Anticipating Nowhere

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